The Single Girl Diaries | The Last Chapter In My Diary

Hello Lovelies! I always joked to myself that it would be the most romantic thing ever if a guy read my series, fell for me and then I stopped writing it. But I hate to break it to you guys, my life is no Rom Com so that isn't the reason I'm ending the series. I'm a big believer in ending things when it feels right, and I think after ten posts spanning two months, The Single Girl Diaries has reached its natural end. So I thought for my last post, I'd take a look back at all ten of these posts and tell you what I learnt from them. Oh and if you're wondering this super candid photo of me was taken in my natural habitat (Starbucks). And by candid, I mean that my best friend told me to 'Stare out in to the distance, because it's so artsy.' And with that confession, and the death of my blogging image, let's get on to what I've learnt from this series... 

1) From Here's To Being Forever Alone In 2016 I learnt that committing yourself to a whole year of Singledom isn't actually that daunting.

Like seriously not as bad as it sounds - although a terrible announcement for all those bachelors waiting to sweep me off my feet... But seriously, it's a great excuse for me being perpetually single this year and provides a pretty novel response to the question 'What's your new year's resolution?'

2) I Challenged Myself To Tinder was a blog post that changed my whole attitude to blogging, love and life, but not Tinder. 

- This will be a shocker I know, but I still hate Tinder. I do not miss being invited to Travel Lodge. Na uh. But I am very jealous of all the people who found love there - who knew that was possible? Also talking of Tinder if you aren't following the #vixswipes hashtag, you are seriously missing out on life. 

- Through sharing my Tinder Tale, I got a massive confidence boost and learnt that sharing my voice fully was the best thing I could do as a blogger - it is so much more fun that way! Shy Vicky has been officially banished to a faraway land. 

- Writing about a painful situation and making it something you can laugh about is incredibly cathartic. You should try it some time. 

- The whole experience made me put up a massive wall, because I'm honestly just afraid of being hurt again. Expect me to try and push any guy away who I remotely like. 

- Sometimes the best guys are the ones you overlook. Forget Tinder Darcy, I'd rather have some Mac and Cheese. Who doesn't love the underdog? Besides he writes cute emails, the end is even in Japanese (which is ridiculously cute). But he is so going to kill me when he realises I posted this, whoops...

3) If We Ever Meet Again taught me not to rely on fate but I still believe that everything works out in the end...

Focusing on missed opportunities will drive you crazy, but it's best to seize the moment because really what's the worst that can happen? But if you're not confident enough, come join the club - I'm sure we have lots of members!

4) Not Safe For Lonely Hearts reminded me that I'm the biggest hopeless romantic ever, but luckily I'm not alone.

I also cry at everything love related. I am that person sobbing at a wedding, sorry not sorry. I will forever blame Austen for making my expectations of men and romance so high. Basically I'm an emotional ticking time bomb. 

5) 1,000 Reasons Not To Date Me was a reminder that I shouldn't compromise to make people like me, and that I'm far too ready to point out why you  shouldn't date me.

And I wonder why I'm single... But yes in all seriousness, if you find yourself changing just to be attractive to a guy/girl you stop that right now. Don't go compromising to make people like you, it just isn't fair on yourself.

6) The One Where I Said Goodbye was one of the saddest parts of this series (I even made people cry!), but it taught me that it's sometimes best to say goodbye to people in your life

It's a sad reality in life that even your friends don't always have your best interests at heart, and when they start making you feel awful about yourself it's probably time to say goodbye. Just surround yourself with people you love and who make you happy. That's the best advice I could ever give. 

7) Rush Hour Crush taught me that sometimes the possibility of something, is much more exciting than the reality 

This is shown by all the men I've seen on the tube, who I've been convinced could be my future husband or my long lost love but I've never talked to. Getting a date on your commute is pretty difficult, especially when everyone is so horrible and sweaty.

8) Happy Forever Alone Day was a testament to the fact that you don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine's 

In fact this Valentine's was my favourite, because I'd bought myself chocolates, got roses from my dad and my best friend even sent me that hilarious 'At Least you'll always have the cats' card. Oh and if you're curious, Mac and Cheese Guy did say he'd be my Valentine's which totally did not contribute to why it was such a nice day... Totally didn't... *blushes*

9) Learning To Love Myself was a wake up call that I need to start really loving myself for once but also a realisation that it's easier said than done

Unfortunately I'm still pretty hard on myself. I guess this month particularly my confidence has hit an all time low, and I suddenly feel like the least attractive thing on planet Earth. But hey, it's time to pick myself back up, and start loving who I am and what I have to offer. Or at least attempt to...

10) My First Crush was a stark reminder that pain fades, you just need a bit of time

There is something super empowering about looking back at a memory and it not hurting you anymore. So I guess this will be a comfort to anyone who is feeling heartbroken. Give it time and it will just be a memory you'll look back on without any pain. 

11) This series taught me that we all deserve to be loved

And yes even including me in that. No matter how undesirable, awkward and rubbish you feel about yourself, there's going to be someone out there who loves you just the way you are. And no, don't settle for anyone who makes you feel just ordinary, or someone who doesn't treat you right. You don't deserve that. At the end of the day you deserve to be happy, and whether that's with a partner in your life, or not, always remember:


Thought of the Day: 'Why didn't I learn to treat everything like it was the last time. My greatest regret was how much I believed in the future.' - Jonathan Safran Foer

Man Crush: Choi Seung-Hyun, my teenage obsession and my always obsession. Most of you will probably have to google him but he's a member of K-pop band Big Bang.

Perk of Being Single: This series, it's been so fun to write and I've loved spilling my love life all over the internet. 

Thank you for reading lovelies! It's sad to come to the end of this series, but don't fret I'll be back with another similar Sunday series too called 'How To Adult' so you'll still get Sunday rants from me.


  1. *cries* this was an amazing post to end the series :3

  2. I'm actually going to miss this series. A lot. I feel really attached to it! I can't wait for your next series. x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  3. I really loved this round-up about all what you've learnt!

  4. That is one thing that I have learned is to love myself, I have spent most of my life trying to change myself because I hated my face, well I woke up one day and realised that my face is my face I can't do anything about it and there are people in this world who would love my face (Burn victims etc) so I have found a new love for myself.

    Meme xx

    New post:
    'What Big Eye's You Have//Firmoo Eyewear Giveaway*

  5. This was a great post to end the series with. I've been in a relationship for almost five years and let me tell you... It isn't always all it's cracked up to be. You've got to make a lot of compromises and sacrifices. Sometimes I wish I'd had more time to be young, free and single, but I guess it was just fate that I met 'the one' (major cringe) when I was sixteen. Hope you've learnt to embrace being single and enjoy taking this time for you!

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

  6. i definitely laughed in a lot of these posts! looking fwd to the new series :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  7. What a beautiful way to end this series, Vicky even though I have to admit that I'm really sad that it's ended. However, I look forward to your next series!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. Awww I'm sad it's over, but I suppose it's great that it came to a natural end. These posts were so enjoyable to read, and it's so lovely to see that you've learnt so much! x

    Martha Jane |

  9. Loved reading this post! Noticed that little kpop reference hehe~ ;D
    Now I need to go back and read the other posts of this series!

    Evelyn ♡ | BeautyCloud9

  10. I've been loving reading this series!

  11. Aw I'm sad this series has come to an end, your posts have always been amazing, and really inspiring. I love that quote at the end that you included, you just share really great advice and really motivate and inspire me, your blog is definitely one of my all time favourites. Your writing style, the gifs you use, your photos, everything is always so beautiful. (LOVING your header btw) xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky


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