Home | The Monday Home Edit (29th August - 4th September)

Hello Lovelies! It's Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK which means for most of us we aren't working, or in my case I'm still on my ridiculously long Summer holiday. Ironically I've actually been really busy working on certain things, so if anything I've not had a break at all. So much for Bank Holiday relaxing. But hey ho. This week I decided to do a Primark feature because they've opened a new website of their stuff, which unless I've been living under a rock is completely new? But anyway enjoy some real bargains, all from Primark, or as my friends call it Primarni *rolls eyes*

Food | The Cutest Latte Art At Farm Girl Cafe

Hello Lovelies! What will never fail to surprise me is how far I'll go for some cute latte art. This girl is a little too obsessed with pretty coffee that's for sure. So when I saw Farm Girl's adorable lattes I knew I had to pop over to Notting Hill just to try one (and of course get a cute photo!). Farm Girl Cafe isn't usually my cup of tea - it's a health conscious Australian style cafe with Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free and Non-Vegetarian options. It's the sort of place where you can get bee pollen and chlorophyll as sides which honestly amazes me, but hey maybe I'm missing out on something! 

Home | The Monday Home Edit (22nd August - 28th August)

Hello Lovelies! This week I've gone for a bit of a floral/woodland theme because how can you not love punchy florals and unicorns? All the picks come from either OhhDeer, Cath Kidston or Urban Outfitters - enjoy!

Lifestyle | The Great Instagram Challenge

Hello Lovelies! I've been on Instagram nearly two years now (wow time flies), and yet it's a platform that I still feel like I haven't really mastered. To be honest I've always thought Instagram is pretty intimidating. It's filled with out of this world flat lays, effortless selfies and themes that are basically just heart eye emoji. And let's be real guys I am definitely not one of those Insta perfect girls, and photography whilst being something I enjoy it's also something I struggle with. But recently I decided I wanted to up my Insta game, as you saw in my 'I Challenged Myself To An Instagram Theme For A Month' post. So I decided I'd go even further and set myself a 4 week challenge where I really focus on growing my Insta, taking some beautiful photos and hopefully getting that little bit closer to the elusive 1,000 follower goal. Oh and of course I'll be bringing you all along on the journey with me with week by week posts on my progress. 

Home | The Monday Home Edit (15th August - 21st August)

Hello Lovelies! It feels like the past week for me has just been Olympics, Olympics and more Olympics. I really didn't expect to get into it but I've been loving the gymnastics in particular. This week's theme is pretty non existent but basically a mix of gold, rose gold and copper - so enjoy! All the picks come from either Asos, H&M or Urban Outfitters. 

Beauty | Aussie's 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor

Hello Lovelies! Hair oils are one of those products that tend to freak us all out a little bit. When I think of hair oils the first thing that comes to mind is that horrible feeling when your hair is all greasy to the extent that you genuinely feel like you could spend the rest of the day in the shower washing it all out. But I decided that as my hair has been rather dull and lifeless lately that I should try something a bit more exciting in my hair routine. So I picked up Aussie's 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor (£9.99) to see if it could add a bit of life to my rather lacklustre hair. 

Lifestyle | How Blogging Turned Me Into An Explorer

Hello Lovelies! Do you ever think about what your life would be like if you never started a blog? For me I always imagine it a little bit like that scene in It's A Wonderful Life. You know when George Bailey is running through his town and no one knows who the hell he is. Yup pretty much like that except I'd probably be screaming 'But we did flatlays together and you don't remember?!' all the way down Blogger Falls. My point is that blogging has changed my life and the idea that I may have just never started my blog is just reaaally weird.

Home | The Monday Home Edit (8th August - 14th August)

Hello Lovelies! It's Monday again and it actually feels like time is going way too fast! When did we get into August and how? I really have no idea... For this week I decided to go with a slightly art deco theme with lots of gorgeous golds with dark contrasts to really make them pop. All of the homeware featured today is from H&M, M&S and Society6.

Food | Peggy Porschen Cake Parlour

Hello Lovelies! Ever looked on Instagram, seen a place and thought I HAVE TO GO THERE. Well that was pretty much me when I saw a photo of Peggy Porschen's Cake Parlour. Basically heart eye emoji because this place is a floral dream and I love flowers (you can probably tell from my blog...). So I decided to actually head over, get that perfect Instagram shot and see if the cakes were really worth the journey. 

Advertising | My Lovely July Advertiser

Hello Lovelies! Today I thought I'd tell you a little bit about my July advertiser who you may or may not have noticed in my sidebar this July. This month's advertiser is a blogger I've known right from the beginning of my blog, Ellen from Fishnetsxd. She's 20 from Ireland, and blogs mostly about lifestyle, travel as well as the odd post about food, fashion and beauty too. 

Lush | Brightside Bubble Bar

Hello Lovelies! It's been a while since I've done a Lush review hasn't it? But here I am with another review of a complete and utter classic, the Brightside Bubble Bar (£4.95). I always like to think of Brightside as The Comforter's bold sibling, which shows I really am too addicted to Lush because I've started anthropomorphising all their products... Let's start with appearances, Brightside is a large bubble bar with the most gorgeous bright oranges, yellows and reds. Like honestly it just makes me smile looking at it, and the scent is even better - a punchy citrus scent with Sicilian mandarin, bergamot and tangerine essential oils. 

Home | The Monday Home Edit (1st August - 7th August)

Hello Lovelies! This week I discovered a new homeware designer and it made me a little too excited. His name is Clive Roddy and I'm basically obsessed with anything he's ever designed - I mean just look at his cacti coasters and balloon pin house, too cool. Other picks from this week are from Ohhdeer and Urban Outfitters.