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Hello Lovelies! I've been on Instagram nearly two years now (wow time flies), and yet it's a platform that I still feel like I haven't really mastered. To be honest I've always thought Instagram is pretty intimidating. It's filled with out of this world flat lays, effortless selfies and themes that are basically just heart eye emoji. And let's be real guys I am definitely not one of those Insta perfect girls, and photography whilst being something I enjoy it's also something I struggle with. But recently I decided I wanted to up my Insta game, as you saw in my 'I Challenged Myself To An Instagram Theme For A Month' post. So I decided I'd go even further and set myself a 4 week challenge where I really focus on growing my Insta, taking some beautiful photos and hopefully getting that little bit closer to the elusive 1,000 follower goal. Oh and of course I'll be bringing you all along on the journey with me with week by week posts on my progress. 

So let's talk about where we'll be starting off. I currently have 600 followers, and follow 277 people. My average likes are pretty up and down. Before Instagram stories was introduced I was reaching up to 100, but now most of my photos get about 50-60. Seriously the new algorithm and Instagram stories are really working against us, cries (I could rant about Instagram being annoying as usual, but I'll stop here). I've also taken some photos I really love recently, and even got re-grammed by OhhDeer my favourite company ever - yay! And I've also somehow managed to roughly keep with my theme of whites, and pastel colours so yay for that too. 

So how will I be growing my Instagram following? Well one thing I definitely won't be doing is follow for follow, or even worse follow and then unfollow. I want to see what I can achieve organically by upping my game, rather than just following account after account, so here's what I'll be doing in my first week:

- Take Instagram photos in bulk (because we all have our off days when we really can't be bothered)
- Try to Gain 20 more followers, which is possibly a bit ambitious but hey
- Get inspired by adding to my Pinterest Insta-spiration board
- Start liking more photos, commenting and generally just interacting more
- Try and master the flat lay, and work on my composition because I should probably branch out from my cliche socks + coffee posts 

Thanks for reading lovelies! Will you be joining me on my Instagram challenge? Do let me know!


  1. This is an awesome idea! I've been trying really hard on growing my Instagram too, and the one thing that is working is commenting/liking lots of photos in tags you use. Definitely give that one a go :) I'm gonna go follow you now!
    Steph x.

  2. You're doing great and your feed is beautiful, Vicky! I started out having a white theme for fun and now I'm stuck to it. LOL! Some days are better than others but I have been slacking because it's hard to balance stories and pictures.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. I love your Insta feed :) really brightens up my feed :)

    I am feeling the same, it seems to be so difficult to grow followers lately especially as I find if I don't post one day I lose a few. I might join you on this challenge :)

    Vikki |

  4. good for you! My instagram is growing slowly but surely and honestly, I could never have a limits me too much and I like having fun with colours :) good luck though!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. I can't wait to see your account grow! You totally deserve it! And unum is actually amazing!!

  6. I am literally 6 followers away from 1K - i actually hit 1K for around a day...! I may join you, i think for me it's frequency (right now i post about twice a week, because i get too anxious about it looking "perfect") but i want to post more! I also want to interact even more with other accounts; so commenting more, as opposed to being an invisible "liker" :P

    Oh my gosh Oh Deer are AH-MAY-ZING! Quite jealous hehe :) i remember when Sass & Belle regrammed my dog and her "reserved for the dog" pillow i was so excited!

    Bumble and Be

  7. Yay, I love your instagram, your theme is so pretty and all the pastel colours reminds me of cake! I never seem to be able to choose a theme and actually stick to it, so well done for keeping at it!

    rosario // rosarioverse xoxo

  8. Thanks for the link lady! Good luck with your continued Instagram planning! It's looking beaut already!



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