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Hello Lovelies! It's Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK which means for most of us we aren't working, or in my case I'm still on my ridiculously long Summer holiday. Ironically I've actually been really busy working on certain things, so if anything I've not had a break at all. So much for Bank Holiday relaxing. But hey ho. This week I decided to do a Primark feature because they've opened a new website of their stuff, which unless I've been living under a rock is completely new? But anyway enjoy some real bargains, all from Primark, or as my friends call it Primarni *rolls eyes*

1. Copper Green Round Cushion £10.00 [x] : Out of everything on the Primark site this is my favourite because it's the most unique. I love the gorgeous copper with that turquoise - gorgeous!

2. French Bulldog Model £5.00 [x] : After having my super cute French Bulldog Latte at Farmgirl cafe I am loving anything French Bulldog and come on this is so cute!

3. 2 Pack Floral Round Storage Boxes £4.00 [x] : Again this is something I loved from the Primark site because it's more on the unique side - plus florals always win me over obviously. 

4. Copper Tone Pineapple LED Light £10.00 [x] : And you thought I'd stopped with those damn pineapples, nope sorry. I do think this pineapple light is super cute though, and those copper tones *swoons*

5. White Rope Storage Basket £8.00 [x] : I was totally surprised to find this cute little storage basket in Primark, but I'm in love. It's perfect to add a bit of texture to a minimal room! 

6. 10 LED Black Metal Lights £6.00 [x] : If you're looking to add a slightly industrial look to a room, rather than your stereotypical fairy light look then pick up some of these black metal lights to add a bit of warmth to a room. 

Thank you for reading lovelies - and here's to a great new week!


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