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Hello Lovelies! It's that time again where I spread a bit of blog love around, and shamelessly recycle one of my Instagram shots because I'm too lazy to take photos. This month has been such an odd one for me because it's been my worst blog wise. I've been writing a lot, but my confidence has just been at an all time low. You know there's something about hitting that two year milestone that knocks you off your feet a bit. You're suddenly hit with a lot of questions about why you're doing it all, and perhaps the worst: does anyone even care about my blog? But the point is this is what these posts are all about, reminding bloggers that they're creating great content and hopefully giving them a push to feel that little bit more motivated. Because we definitely all need it sometimes.

1. Everyone seems to be talking about negativity and positivity in the blogging world at the moment (yup I know, sorry I mentioned those two words!) but I loved Martha's post asking whether positivity can be a negative thing. Plus she has the most GORGEOUS outfit photos in that post, like seriously total goals.

2. Blueberry Muffin Smoothie?  Say no more - I want one!

3. You know that feeling when you discover a new blogger and you just think they're so cool, and you're kind of just that little bit jealous of them because they're just doing blogging so well? That's how I felt when I discovered Imii's blog. Her post on her year abroad in Paris was great because it's super honest, definitely go give it a read. 

4. Bethany's blog is one I've been loving so much recently, to the extent that I found it super hard to even pick out one of her posts that was my favourite this month. But I loved her post on How to stop stressing and be a Girl Boss. 

5. Bel, who I've met in life and is a totally lovely living rainbow did this post on body positivity and I just loved it. It's so honest and just very real. 

6. This month I totally fell in love with Hannah's bedroom, it's just so pretty and on trend and ugh I want my bedroom to look like this!

7. My bestie Rachel made this Chocolate Fudge Cake recipe and oh my god it just looks so yummy. Plus it can be made vegan too. 

8. Kirsty's review of the Becca Flowerchild Blush is making me want to go out and buy another blusher. It's just so pretty. 

9. Katy's post on Feeling Like A Fraud got me in the feels. If you've ever suffered with anxiety or panic attacks then you'll completely get how she's feeling at the moment. But honestly though Katy, you're doing amazingly so you better realise that soon. 

10. This month I was lucky enough to go to the first ever Girl Gang Event, and it was amazing. If you're curious Jemma wrote up a post all about it. Bonus points to anyone who can spot me being an awkward little turtle in one of the photos. 

11. A fun fact about me is I have a Lavender skin allergy so sadly I wouldn't be able to take pretty photos in a Lavender field like Jordan did.  She looks gorgeous, and her dress from Chi Chi is just stunning.

12. I met Lauren aka The Devil Wears Tartan (major love for that blog name by the way) at GGEvent so it was lovely to discover her blog this month. I always love simple, chatty posts so her one about Stonehenge won me over.

13. Rhi's Why I Share My life Online is a post we can all relate to because you know sometimes you really do need to have a little breather from social media. Sharing your life through it can be amazing, but also pretty damn tiring. 

14. As a big fan of anything Korean, and especially K-beauty I loved Fii's review of It's Skin Dear's My Muse Velvet Powder.

15. Mandy's post on her five routines that help build her self confidence is a great one for anyone who ever feels a bit down about themselves (which I guess is us all really!). 

16. Jessie's post on the reasons she loves wearing makeup is fab, and it's also a really lovely reflection on where blogging has brought her as a person. 

17. This month Megan asked 'Do We Prefer Bloggers to Blogs?', and it's definitely got me thinking about the ways blogging has changed. I definitely follow more bloggers than I read blogs, so it's an interesting one to think about. 

18. With the return of GBBO it feels like everyone is baking, including Saskia who shared this mouth-watering Lime and Passion Fruit Cake. Excuse me why I drool on my keyboard. 

19. Every now and then I find myself on Aftab's blog lusting over all the ridiculously gorgeous looking food he's been eating. His post 'The Dream Duo at Roux at the Landau' is just eye candy and has made me very very hungry. 

20. Although I'm not single anymore (yup that happened), I loved Vix's post on 11 Things Single Girls are Tired of hearing. She's just slaying blogging lately, and everyone knows it.

Oh and still looking for other blog posts to read (or a reason to procrastinate)? Then check out 20 blog posts I loved in MayJune and July. 

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have a great rest of your week! 


  1. These are some equally great blogs definitely going to check them out myself.
    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. You're such a ray of sunshine, Vicky <3 Thank you so so much for featuring my post, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. Also spotted some of my own favourite posts from the last month in here, what a lovely little list! x

    Martha Jane |

  3. Your socks are too cute! I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE! Always such a lovely positive post from you - have many of those blog posts in my tabs ready to read. Holly :) x |

  4. I love you socks ahhh! I do strangely agree with the bloggers vs blog thing... I only follow people or their blogs if I'm really engaged with their personality tbh... Also thanks for mentioning me!! <3

  5. I've been dying for some new blogs to read and you have just saved me! x

  6. this is the most cute accessories that I have just seen)home too much of anything

  7. Yay just seen this - thank you so much for mentioning me! I'm thrilled you liked my post and blog. Yours is fab! <3 xxx

  8. Ooh thank you for this Vicky! I love having some new reading material and lovely blogs to have a ganders at. It's all about sharing the love :) Immy x

  9. Ahh! Some new blogs to read. Thanks a lot. Also, those socks are soooo cute!



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