Food | The Cutest Latte Art At Farm Girl Cafe

Hello Lovelies! What will never fail to surprise me is how far I'll go for some cute latte art. This girl is a little too obsessed with pretty coffee that's for sure. So when I saw Farm Girl's adorable lattes I knew I had to pop over to Notting Hill just to try one (and of course get a cute photo!). Farm Girl Cafe isn't usually my cup of tea - it's a health conscious Australian style cafe with Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free and Non-Vegetarian options. It's the sort of place where you can get bee pollen and chlorophyll as sides which honestly amazes me, but hey maybe I'm missing out on something! 

It's also famous for being a bit of an Instagram haunt, and honestly that's not surprising at all. With a cute little courtyard with pretty pink tables and a totally hipster interior you can tell why. Even better it's dog friendly which is always a plus, although I'd never drag my dog all the way to Notting Hill on the tube - she'd kill me! It's also a great location being very close to Portobello Market and only a short walk from Notting Hill Gate station so very easy to find your way to.

When we arrived we were told that because of the Carnival they didn't have about half the menu including Farm Girl favourites like the blueberry pancakes (which I secretly had my eye on) or the Lavender Latte or Rose Latte either which both look beautiful. They didn't even have the Coconut BLT which I was really intrigued by as it has coconut bacon (not actually meat!) and I'd love to see what that tasted like. So slightly disappointed me and my friend decided just to get a coffee each, with me going for a Chai Latte and my friend going for a Mocha. 

I hate to say this but the service was really bad, and we just ordered a coffee! It took a while for anyone to come over to get our order and then it turned out our order didn't even go through so we sat there for about 15 minutes before anyone even noticed. When they did it came almost instantly, but even so I was really surprised as the cafe was quite empty anyway (which it isn't usually!). I've read quite a few reviews on Farm Girl Cafe and it's a little notorious for its bad service so that's something to expect if you ever go down. On the plus side though our waiter was lovely, so that was something. 

Confession time, I'm not even a big fan of chai lattes. Go on roll your eyes, because I just got it for the French Bulldog latte art - but can you blame me? To my surprise though I actually quite enjoyed it, but that's probably the child in me being like THERE'S AN ADORABLE DOG ON MY LATTE. My friend's mocha on the other hand was a bit bitter, and not really sweet but that's probably because it's quite health conscious. 

All in all I'd recommend it for the pretty Instagram photos, but past that I'm not sure it's worth the effort if I'm brutally honest. But if you want to pop in, the address is 59a Portobello Rd, London, W11 3DB and it's open Monday to Sunday. 

Thank you for reading lovelies!


  1. It looks lovely and I'm yet to fully explore Notting Hill, I've only been to go to Holland Park! Shame about the service though :(

  2. Farm Girl is high on my list - I was meant to go today but they're closed for the whole weekend due to Carnival! x

  3. Interesting... I'd probably give it a skip till the service improves then, because that's actually my biggest pet peeves when I go to cafes. Like, am I supposed to serve myself or what?! But that latte art is so cute, and I haven't been to Notting HIll in ages now!

    Cherie | sinonym

  4. There's a picture of a dog. On that drink. Oh man, I can't even cope.

    Corinne x

  5. Such a shame that there is bad service there but the coffee's looked so yum. I'm planning on going to London maybe next week with my boyfriend and I soon won't be living so close. I'm trying to think of different places we haven't been and Notting Hill is one of those places. So I may just take a little trip there and see what it's like (let's hope the service is a little better).

    Tabitha x

  6. This is so interesting, because I've heard so many recommendations! Perhaps it suffered because of the carnival? Either way, I'd still like to try it x

    Martha Jane |


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