Lifestyle | Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

Hello Lovelies! Wow, time has really flown by quickly, huh? Honestly I really can't believe it's about to be 2016, and in a way I'm sad to say goodbye to 2015. Of course as with any year, it had mixed moments. But for me it was a year where I transformed, and learnt to be happy and not be so hard of myself. It had its difficult moments sure, but I've loved the majority of it and I've met so many great people. So I thought I'd do a little round up post of the year and I've even filmed a youtube video so I can personally say hi too!

Fashion | Blown Away By Dunwich Beach

Hello Lovelies! When I set out to do this outfit post I had quite a few expectations. But when we arrived at Dunwich Beach, a place I've visited hundreds and hundreds of times before, we were met by the windiest weather ever. So all those expectations inevitably flew out the window, and what we ended up getting were some rather candid photos. But as a fan of candid, I decided to post them anyway despite the fact that we hardly got any ones of my coat which was the whole premise of this post in the first place. But hey I'm still going to classify this as fashion because I'm sneaky like that. 

Lush | My Favourites From 2015

Hello Lovelies! One of the things that has definitely defined my 2015 is my obsession with Lush. I went from reviewing only a few products to a grand total of 63 reviews (you can find these all on my beauty review page). And would you believe it, I hardly ever used Lush before this blog so I am definitely going to blame blogging for making this happen. In all honesty what has made my Lush experience is having so many people to share these with, and of course how fun these are to review. I never thought taking pictures of my baths would be a thing, but hey it happened and I just really love it. Anyway, here are my top nine Lush products of 2015 - enjoy!

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (28th December - 3rd January)

Hello Lovelies! When I think of the New Year, for some reason luxe golds are always the first thing that pop into my head. It's most likely because as cliche as it sounds the colour gold makes me think of new bold starts and putting my best foot forward. So as you can see the theme for this week is gold luxe, and this week's picks are from Oliver Bonas, Society 6, Zara Home and H&M Home. 

The Single Girl Diaries | Here's To Being Forever Alone In 2016

Hello Lovelies! It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single woman must be in want of a partner. Or at least that's what the whole world seems to be telling us. There are those of us in amazing loved up relationships (totally not jealous, promise) and then there's us single ladies who are totally rocking that single thing - or at least in my case trying to. Now, I'm not going to lie and pretend that I wouldn't love to be in a relationship, because who am I kidding, I would. For as long as I can remember I've been a hopeless romantic, and it all started with Mr Darcy - thanks for the unrealistic expectations Austen! I'm that girl who cries at weddings, relentlessly rewinds rom coms to all the cute parts and doesn't bat an eyelid at the idea of being married to someone for years and years. 

Lifestyle | Christmas Pawsome Box

Hello Lovelies! It's actually so weird that it's Christmas Eve already - can you believe it? Funnily enough I'm not in the festive spirit anymore, which is ridiculous because I have been waiting for Christmas for a good two months. That's life for ya. As my final Blogmas post I thought I'd share with you this lovely Christmas Pawsome Box* which Molly (my dog) will get to open on Christmas day!

Christmas | House of Holland Christmas Nails

Hello Lovelies! Anyone who knows me well, will know that I'm not exactly the biggest fan of fake nails. I absolutely love having long nails, but with fake nails I always feel like I can't do anything and they always look a bit too well... fake. I actually tried them out first when I received them in the Free Your Mind Birchbox and I definitely had mixed feelings. I ended up liking them, but they only lasted less than a day. But funnily enough I received this adorable set in the Blogger Beauty Box, so I had another chance to try them out.

Lush | The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar

Hello Lovelies! As promised, we've come to my final Christmas Lush review at last, and this time it is the magical The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar (£5.95). I've also successfully done 22 days of Blogmas, which frankly has beaten my own expectations but I probably shouldn't speak too soon as I still have a couple of more posts to do. 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (21st December - 27th December)

Hello Lovelies! With it being so close to Christmas I debated about what I could possibly do as this week's theme because really it's a little bit too late to be buying any decorations or gifts (that said I will be doing some last minute buying)! So I thought instead I would do a gift wrap theme, for anyone who has bought all their presents but is looking for a special way to wrap them up. Brands featured in today's post are Paperchase, Selfridges and John Lewis. 

Christmas | My Favourite Christmas Blog Posts of 2015

Hello Lovelies! For my 20th blog post I thought I would share with you some of the amazing Christmas blog posts that have been floating around the web this year. They come from some incredible and super lovely bloggers - so if you don't know them, make sure you check them out!

Christmas | Soap and Glory Once Upon A Lime

Hello Lovelies! It's now day 19 of Blogmas and it's all a little crazy! It has definitely been a challenge posting so often but I always said I would try it out for at least one year so here I am, trying... Today I thought I'd share with you a great little gift that my sister got from her Secret Santa at work, the Soap and Glory Once Upon A Time gift set (£10.00). 

Lush | Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! It's crazy that after one more review I will finally be at the end of my Lush Christmas reviews. To coin a cliche it really has been a bit of a journey, involving several amazing baths and lots of bath photos. Thanks to everyone that has been following them, and I hope that you pick are some lovely Christmas bits from Lush!

Christmas | The Christmas Tag

Hello Lovelies! It has been a long long while since I've done a tag but I was tagged by the lovely Fran and it's a Christmas one - so why not? I'm not going to tag anyone in particular back, because I want to invite you all to give it a go!

Christmas | Gift Guide For Beauty Lovers On Any Budget

Hello Lovelies! It's getting to that point where if you haven't bought your gifts yet, you are probably panic. But don't worry I've got you sorted with a whole collection of gifts on any budget from under £15.00 to over £30.00. There's something for everyone! Also Christmas update on the Nightingale family - we finally put up our tree! It's a little late but now the house looks and feels so festive!

Christmas | Charity Gift Guide

Hello Lovelies! Charities are a very personal thing, but I thought I would do a little guide to introduce you to a couple of charities and brands that donate their proceeds to give you am idea of what charity gifts you can purchase this year. So enjoy lovelies, and I hope I introduce you to a new amazing charity. 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (14th December - 20th December)

Hello Lovelies! One of the funniest things about Blogmas is that I've only struggled with it now that I'm on holiday. Apparently when I have lots of free time I become one of the most unproductive people ever - does anyone else have this problem or am I just one special snowflake? For this week's picks I wanted to do a lovely wintry white theme in contrast to last week's dose of super novelty, to show you a completely different Christmas look. I found out whilst doing it that MandS have an amazing Christmas home and gifts line. It's affordable, and there is a really great range, so great that four of the things are from there - the other two are from John Lewis and HandM Home!

Lifestyle | Life Lately #1

Hello Lovelies! I've always loved reading little life updates on other people's blogs so I thought for blogmas I'd try it out for the first time and give you an update on what I've been doing for the past month or so. All of these photos are from my Instagram (vvnightingale) so feel free to comment with your instagram handles and I'll check you out! 

Lush | Snow Angel Bath Melt

Hello Lovelies! I'm currently sitting at home jealous of everyone else in the UK who currently have snow. We in London, only have rain, total yay. Thanks for adhering to your stereotype London, good job... On a more positive note, I have almost finished my Lush Christmas reviews for the year and it's been a total joy. As many of you will know this season is my absolute favourite for Lush, so it's been so fun trying them all out even though I will probably have no Lush Christmas products to actually use on Christmas day, blogger problems... 

Beauty | Bourjois Festive Reds

Hello Lovelies! It seems like ages since I've done a beauty post, but I recently picked up some lovely bits from Bourjois. I had to re-buy my foundation  (Healthy Mix) and luckily they have a deal on at the moment where if you spend over £15.00 on Boots you get an amazing free gift so I managed to pick up quite a few things, and three of them just happened to be red which is so perfect for Christmas. Also on a totally unrelated note, I am for once using props which is very unusual for me. I would say no candy canes were hurt in the making of this post, but that would be a total lie as I ended up eating one, whoops... 

Lush | Butterbear Tin

Hello Lovelies! It's the tenth day of Blogmas and I'm actually quite surprised I've made it this far (go me!). Tomorrow will be the end to a very hectic week, and I couldn't be happier. Christmas holiday here I come! One of the things I've been doing this Christmas is exchanging Christmas cards with bloggers, and to my absolute surprise the amazing Fran from Franalibi actually gave me a Lush gift card! And obviously being the absolute Lush addict I am, this is pretty much the best gift you can ever get me. 

Christmas | Stocking Fillers

Hello Lovelies! When it comes to Christmas, one thing that I have a huge involvement in is my own stocking, and my sister's too. It's pretty much tradition that me and my mum go Christmas shopping together and pick out some of the things for my and my sister's stocking, so stocking presents have a warm place in my heart. On this list you'll find a whole range of things, with hopefully something you like or someone special in your life will!

Fashion | Frosty Florals OOTD

Hello Lovelies! As I've said before, outfit posts are something I've always wanted to do here on my little corner of the internet because I love Fashion. You'd probably assume from my blog that I'm just obsessed with Lush and Homeware, but really I love clothes too and my love of Fashion is actually the reason I started this blog. As is the case for so many bloggers, it's all about confidence and of course finding someone willing to take photos of you (Thanks mum!). But this time unlike my last OOTD, I've compromised and cut my head out because I do just get so self conscious. That said, I'm aiming to start doing them with my head in the photo one day, but for now this will do. Blogging really does help to push you out of your comfort zone, so I hope that some time in the future it will help me to get over my insecurities. 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (7th December - 13th December)

Hello Lovelies! I have one busy week ahead of me of important exams but once that's all over I'll officially be on holiday which means festive baking, gingerbread house making and lots of Christmas films. For this week I wanted to do full on Christmas novelty, because at this time of year there is nothing I love more. Picks are from Next, The Biscuiteers, Topshop (Meri Meri), Boots, Marks and Spencers and Debenhams. 

Lush | Magic Wand Re-usable Bubble Bar

Hello Lovelies! Lush's Magic Wand is perhaps one of the most recognisable of all their products but this year it's actually had a bit of a makeover. Now covered in silver glitter, with a cute bell and silver ribbon, Magic Wand (£5.25) definitely looks more magical than ever before. Now anyone who has read my Lush reviews will know I am really not a massive fan of the Snow Fairy scent, which is strange really because usually I am all over the sweeter scents but to give it credit it's a very popular one. With a strong super sweet candy scent, it's either going to be a scent you love or hate and a lot of people absolutely love it so I am a bit of a minority! 

Christmas | Oliver Bonas Elderflower Fizz Cracker

Hello Lovelies! For the sake of blogging, I decided to buy myself this Elderflower Fizz Cracker, strictly for the sake of reviewing it of course, not just because I like buying myself presents... That's actually one of the best things about being a blogger, you can justify a lot of indulgent things you probably shouldn't be buying even if they never actually appear on your blog. 

Christmas | Gift Guide For Men

Hello Lovelies! When I say thank god it's Friday, I really mean it. I need to sleep, lounge around in bed and study (watch all the Christmas films). For today's gift guide, I wanted to do one for men! I actually did two of these last year, and I'm still wondering whether or not I really know what good gifts for men are. But hey, I'm pretty sure that's a struggle a lot of us girls face. For the sake of research, I even asked some of my male friends what good presents are for guys but to no avail. They were just as clueless as I am, so hey that's something. Anyway enjoy, and do let me know what you're thinking of getting the men in your life!

Lush | Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! It's day three of blogmas, and what better than a Christmas Lush Review? It can hardly be a surprise from me. One of the bath bombs I could not wait to try for the first time is Shoot For The Stars (£3.65). It's a beautiful blue bath bomb with a cute shooting star design. Scent wise it apparently has a caramel scent, but honestly after using this I completely forgot about the scent which is probably just a credit to how pretty this is in the bath. But what I can remember is that I really did like the scent, so it wins on that point too!

Christmas | Adorable Gift Ideas

Hello Lovelies! It's the second day of blogmas, so at least I can say I've come this far. If anyone else is doing it, please do let me know and I'll come and check your blog out too! For my first gift guide, I wanted to do something that is very me - adorable gift ideas! 

Christmas | Pug In A Mug Tea Infuser GIVEAWAY

Hello Lovelies! Against my better judgement, I've decided to attempt Blogmas this year. Key word attempt but hey I'll give it a go. If there's anyone who follows my blog who doesn't celebrate Christmas, then I apologise for the slight overload of festive posts. I'll try to include some non-Christmas posts too! 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (30th November - 6th December)

Hello Lovelies! As Christmas gets closer, you'll find my blog pretty much surrendering to the festivities which it pretty much already has to be fair, whoops...  This week, I wanted to do a bit of an alternative Christmas look as my theme. However, if I'm honest, whilst my style usually rears on the quirky side I actually like keeping Christmas decorations traditional. But for the sake of an exciting Christmas post, I decided to pick out some fun and alternative decorations and embrace the craziness. Picks this week come from John Lewis, Paperchase, Habitat and Liberty. 

Lifestyle | Pawsome November Box

Hello Lovelies! Another month, another Pawsome box*! Me and Molly have been receiving these for a while now and honestly they are such a fun thing for us to share together so I'm so thankful for Pawsome box sending them over. If you haven't caught any of my reviews of these in the past, then you should Pawsome box is a subscription box service where you can subscribe or buy individual boxes as a treat for your dog (Perfect for birthdays and Christmas!). But anyway, lets get in to what was in this month's box!

Lush | Cinders Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! If you're anything like me, you're already embracing the Christmas spirit. I have my Christmas playlist on the go, festive drinks a plenty and even just saw some reindeer! But with the festivities, comes the biting cold, and so warm baths have become the ultimate comfort. Cinders (£2.95) is a small sweet cinnamon scented bath bomb, with red popping candy. 

Christmas | Fun And Quirky Christmas Cards

Hello Lovelies! This time of the year is my favourite time to blog, for one good reason: CHRISTMAS POSTS! And whilst I have been super super busy lately, I have managed somehow against all the odds to prepare a few Christmas posts for you all, so yay! If you haven't figured it out already, I take gift giving a little bit too seriously, from the present, to the wrapping paper right down to the card. Truth be told, I'm super sentimental, so I love to pick out cards that people will love and make them feel special. I mean isn't that what Christmas is all about, anyway?

Home | Dartington Daisy Flower Bottle

Hello Lovelies! Fresh flowers are definitely one of the nicest things in the world, especially when they come from your own garden (like these lovely ones above!). My mum is a keen gardener so I've always been surrounded by them, which probably explains my slight obsession with florals *cough* my blog theme *cough*. But really who doesn't love fresh flowers?

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (23rd November - 29th November)

Hello Lovelies! I may have got a serious case of the Sunday/Monday blues, but one thing that has definitely put a smile on my face is this week's Homeware/Gift picks. It's loosely inspired by the 50's and it just turned out looking so fun. This week's picks are from Unique and Unity (Vintage by Hemmingway and Izola), Dotcomgiftshop and Liberty (Newgate Clocks and Fishs Eddy).

Lush | Peeping Santa Bubble Bar

Hello Lovelies! One of the Lush products I couldn't wait to share with you all is the lovely Peeping Santa Bubble Bar/Bubbleroon (£3.95). Slightly creepy name aside, the Peeping Santa Bubbleroon is one of my favourite new additions this year because the design is absolutely adorable. A lovely cocoa butter filling is sandwiched between two strawberry pieces of bubble bar and finished off with two dairy free chocolate eyes and lovely sparkly hearts. And let me tell you this smells gorgeous, who doesn't love strawberry scents?

Christmas | Ronnie The Reindeer Necklace

Hello Lovelies! I have always been one to embrace Christmas a little on the early side but hey December is only about nine days away now so is it really too early to get a little festive? The thing that I can't understand however, is how some people have already done all their Christmas shopping. That impresses me and scares me at the same time, I haven't even bought one... But when I saw this adorable Ronnie the Reindeer necklace I thought it was the perfect gift... for myself, whoops...

Lush | So White Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! Another day, another Lush review. It's crazy to think that I've almost tried all my Lush Christmas products and it's not even December yet. By this rate I won't have any to use at Christmas. One of the bath bombs that I wasn't so excited about was So White (£3.65) but that's only because amongst all the sparkle and fun of the Christmas collection, it's a little bit lost. 

Fashion | Starry Nights Wish List

Hello Lovelies! It's actually been a while since I've done any type of fashion post, and that's mostly because I'd planned to do OOTDs but in pure Vicky style, I got too insecure to do them which is such a blogger problem. But one thing I love doing is wish lists, especially when I find something that really inspires me and this time it was stars. There are so so many pretty star inspired looks everywhere at the moment, which I love because it's a slightly subtle way of channelling a festive look. 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (16th November - 22nd November)

Hello Lovelies! Time feels like it is slipping away like crazy at the moment, which I hate because I love this time of year. Give me lots of Christmas novelty, gingerbread lattes and Christmas songs and I am one happy girl. But honestly, I have some tests coming up in December that are really important so I may just be a little bit stressed at the moment, just a little bit... Anyways, this week's picks are from John Lewis, Urban Outfitters, Topshop and H&M home!

Lush | Yog Nog Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! Lush's Yog Nog Bath Bomb (£3.95) has definitely been one of the most hyped up products from this year's new Christmas collection - and with good reason as it shares its scent with the gorgeous Yog Nog Soap.  And when I say the scent is gorgeous, I really mean it - this is my favourite Lush scent! It's a gorgeous buttery, toffee like, vanilla-ry scent which is a mix of Organic Shea Butter, Clove Bud Oil, Soya Milk Powder and Ylang Ylang Oil. 

My Sophie Corrigan Portrait

Hello Lovelies! If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this adorable illustration I commissioned from my favourite illustrator Sophie Corrigan. Her illustrations are always so cute and quirky, so I felt like her style fitted my blog perfectly. And let me tell you she was a dream to work with. She completed the drawing really quickly, and it turned out to be even more than I could have expected.