Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (14th December - 20th December)

Hello Lovelies! One of the funniest things about Blogmas is that I've only struggled with it now that I'm on holiday. Apparently when I have lots of free time I become one of the most unproductive people ever - does anyone else have this problem or am I just one special snowflake? For this week's picks I wanted to do a lovely wintry white theme in contrast to last week's dose of super novelty, to show you a completely different Christmas look. I found out whilst doing it that MandS have an amazing Christmas home and gifts line. It's affordable, and there is a really great range, so great that four of the things are from there - the other two are from John Lewis and HandM Home!

1. King Polar Bear Scented Candle £12.00 [x] : If you're looking for a festive, yet elegant candle than this King Polar bear one might just be for you. It actually reminds me a lot of Narnia, and I'm not 100% why but it gives that vibe to me. 

2. Stag Vase £20.00 [x] : Stags will forever be one of my favourite things in homeware, and I just think this is so beautiful and elegant. Forget Christmas, I want this in my house all year. 

3. Different Perspective Resin Lion With Parcel Silver and Green £4.20 (on sale from £6.00) [x] : One of the things I always look for in Christmas decorations is an element of fantasy and charm, and for me this awesome lion decoration fulfils both of those criteria. 

4. Faux Fur Cushion Cover £12.99 [x] : If you want to give your bedroom or living room, and extra festive feel then buy one these fluffy cushion covers. They're cheap and can aren't so Christmasy that you can't use it all year round! 

5. Standing Stag Tealight Holder £99.00 [x] : I saw this on the MandS site and it's safe to say I fell in love with it. The design is just so brilliant and will make the perfect centrepiece on Christmas day. 

6. We Three Kings Figures £12.00 [x] : These three little king figurines have really caught my heart, they're just so cute and would be perfect on a mantlepiece as a decoration. 

Thank you for reading lovelies! Have an amazing Monday, and to everyone at work or still at school/uni - hang in there, it's Christmas soon!


  1. number 5 is soooo cute (yet so expensive) :D i really want more fluffy pillows on my bed!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. The polar bear scented candle is so cute! Perfect for Christmas.

  3. The stag vase is so lovely! Be perfect with some festive flowers in!

    Amy x

  4. The three kings figures are my favourite and I agree that it would look really lovely on mantels! I'm going to show to my husband and maybe we can pick it up for my in-laws.

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  5. Loving the polar bear one :)

    Great cute post . xx


  6. The little polarbear is so cute!!


  7. The tealight stag is so nice. Very pricey though! I really like all these picks though, they're all unique and I'd definitely have them in my house if I could x

    Mollie Victoria Beauty | Blog


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