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Hello Lovelies! When it comes to Christmas, one thing that I have a huge involvement in is my own stocking, and my sister's too. It's pretty much tradition that me and my mum go Christmas shopping together and pick out some of the things for my and my sister's stocking, so stocking presents have a warm place in my heart. On this list you'll find a whole range of things, with hopefully something you like or someone special in your life will!

1. Topshop Exclusive Popcorn Nail File Mini Set £3.00 [x] : Recently Topshop has come out with a really cute beauty range based on Korean cosmetics, and I absolutely love these popcorn nail files because they're so quirky and cute. 

2. Strawberry & Cream Chupa Chups Lip Balm Ball £3.50 [x] : When I was younger I absolutely loved Chupa Chups, so I definitely wouldn't mind finding one of these in my stocking. It just makes me feel so nostalgic! 

3. Topshop Exclusive Nail Varnish Removal Wipes £2.50 [x] : Nail varnish remover is something that most of us all need but never really want to buy so it's actually a perfect thing to put in a stocking. Even better, this one has adorable packaging!

4. Pug Money Box £5.00 [x] : Any fans of pugs will love this cute little money box in their stocking, and it's also a bargain at only £5.00!

5. Cheeky Monkey Cookie Cutters £6.95 [x] : If you're a baker like me, then some of these cookie cutters in your stocking will be heaven. I want to make some fun monkey biscuits! 

6. Reindeer Nose Novelty Lip Balm £3.00 [x] : Even I will admit that this is a super novelty product but what's not to love about cherry lip balm?

7. Ted Baker Mini Mint Treasure Body Souffle £4.00 [x] : Ted Baker have some of the prettiest beauty products I have ever seen on the high street, so I love this cute little Mint Souffle mini!

8. Baylis&Harding Beauticology Gingerbread Festive Feet Gift Set £5.00 [x] : This cute Gingerbread stuff is a real bargain as it contains a pair of super soft socks, sweet gingerbread foot soak crystals and vanilla frosting foot lotion. 

9. Asos Christmas Mr and Mrs Santa Cosy Socks £6.00 [x] : These socks look super comfy and they are also super cute. One is Mrs Claus, and the other Mr Claus. AWW. 

10. Christmas Mini Nail Pyramid in Magpie £5.00 [x] : To really embrace the festive look, you're going to need a super festive, glittery nail polish. So make sure you get one of these in your stocking!

11. Little Pink Book of Cocktails £5.99 [x] : If you love cocktails, and want to make some of your own get someone to pop this cute little cocktail book in your stocking. I got one of these for my friend a few years ago and she absolutely loved it!

12. Reindeer Marshmallow Lolly £2.50 [x] : Basically the reason this is awesome is that it's yummy and it's adorable too but that was probably obvious already!

13. Cream Pom Pom Keyring £3.99 [x] : Pom pom key rings are for some reason out of nowhere super popular, but I'm not really complaining. I love this one from New Look and it's on the cheaper side too. 

14. Hotel Chocolat Tiddly Reindeer £5.50 [x] : My mum actually got me some Hotel Chocolat penguins last year in my stocking but they were dark chocolate (which I don't like) so I couldn't eat them! First world problems.  But that aside, Hotel Chocolat tastes amazing, so this adorable set will be a perfect stocking filler. Plus I love white chocolate, hint, hint... 

15. Etched Two Tone Tealight Holder £5.00 [x] : In my experience, you can never really go wrong with a tea light holder - because really, who doesn't love candles? Plus this one is gorgeous, and I love the etched details and the gold inside. 

16. Gin and Tonic Bath Salts £6.00 [x] : These gorgeous smelling bath salts are perfect for anyone who likes to have a classy bath or too. Besides making your bath smell lovely, they also make your bath water soft too. 

Thanks for reading lovelies! And happy ninth day of Blogmas (so far, so good!). Also make sure you check out my giveaway too!


  1. I can't drink or even think of gin and tonic ever again in real life after the worst case of two days hangover, like the thought of the drink makes me want to puke but I think I would appreciate the bath salts! Great list here, Vicky, I swear you find the best things. xx

    Reflection of Sanity | Palmer's Cocoa Butter Care Package Giveaway (Canada ONLY)

  2. these are so cute! love the reindeer lip balm :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I'd be really happy to receive any of these, you really can't go wrong with fluffy socks and chocolates. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  4. That pug moneybox-OMG! I need it and someone needs to put it in my stocking!
    I'd be happy to receive all of these, so you've definitely done a good job picking them :D

    Chloe x | Snug Corner

  5. These are such unique ideas! I love the monkey cookie cutters, so cute! x

    Martha Jane |


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