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Hello Lovelies! When I think of temporary tattoos, it conjures up an image of childish rebellion. You know the kind where you think you're being really controversial by wearing tattoos, and your parents totally wouldn't approve when in reality they are actually the ones that bought them for you in the first place. And to be honest they were always pretty boring (even if they didn't seem so at the time). In reality you were just pasting Barbie on to your wrist half the time. 

But nowadays there's a real trend towards temporary tattoos and I am all for it. I tried the more fashionable kind back in 2015 and two years later I thought what the hell I'm just going to buy a back because they're pretty and try them out. After scouring Etsy, I discovered Paperself which in my opinion do some of the best temporary tattoos. The designs are honestly gorgeous so do take a look!

I picked their Petals pack (£7.50) because it's a lovely mix of that beautiful pressed flower look and metallics which always look amazing. In each pack you get two sheets, but for this look I only needed one. Because I'm silly I only took one photo, but I'd actually placed quite a few of the tattoos on my palm which FYI is a terrible place to put them! 

What I will say is that they look really stunning, and are honestly just gorgeous. It's kind of a shame that I bought them just to play around with because they would be perfect for a festival or party. They say that these last 2-4 days and that's about right. As I mentioned the ones on my palm were basically destroyed after one day but that's because you're constantly moving around. The others stayed for 2-3 days which I was definitely pleased about. 

The great thing about these is that they are also easy to get off. So if you wanted to wear them a day before work or anything like that, you'd still be able to get them off before. They're also (I should probably mention) super easy to apply. All you need to do is not rush it because patience is key with temporary tattoos!

That's it for today! I hope you have an amazing weekend!


  1. How lovely these tattoos are! The way you arranged them on your hand is super pretty, although I guess your palm wasn't the best idea haha. Temporary tattoos have been quite trendy for a few years, I've never tried them because of the stigma attached to the ugly bubblegum tattoos I used to wear when I was little haha but these are great, especially for a summer look!

    Julia x
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