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Hello Lovelies! This weekend and Monday has flown by, so much so that I forgot to publish this post at a reasonable time so I'm sure most of you will actually see it on Tuesday (oh dear). As you can tell I really have my life together. This week's edit is all about fun, punchy homeware that will add a bit of personality to any home. All this week's picks are from Ohhdeer because if you didn't notice I am obsessed with them!

1. A2 Lemur Art Print £12.95 [x] : Oh this cute lemur print has honestly stolen my heart a bit, just too too damn cute! The bright colours also give me life.

2. The Coffee Tea Towel £10.95 [x] : Coffee lover? Then you'll absolutely adore this fun tea towel with lots of great little facts about coffee. There's also versions for other food and drinks like beer, chocolate and wine!

3. OOH La La Soap £4.50 [x] : Blue Q are one of my favourite companies because they make the most fabulously weird products, and I totally applaud them for that. So this soap is the perfect gift for someone who has totally random humour.

4. Caribbean Blue Toucan Candles £18.50 [x] : To be honest I am totally not a candle person at all. Mostly because I'm one of those anxious people that worries that 1) I may burn the house down and 2) more importantly I may burn myself (just kidding). But this toucan candle is so fabulous I may have to make an exception. Probably would never burn it though! 

5. Moby Dick Spatula £11.50 [x] : When it comes to homeware I will always have a soft spot for mundane items that are re-designed to be totally fabulous. I mean just how cute is this Moby Dick spatula? 

6. Zebra Flower Vase £37.95 [x] : I'm sure there will be a day where I stop featuring animal vases in these posts but by the looks of things that won't be any time soon (I mean I have a koala wall vase in my bedroom). But yeah how cute is this zebra one? Love, love, love.

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have a great rest of your week!

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  1. These are so cute and colourful! I love them. I always love these posts! :)
    Holly x | http://www.thechroniclesofholly.com/


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