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Hello Lovelies! Through my late teens right up to now when I've just ventured into my twenties, tiredness had always been a really big problem for me. The reason why is in short, my iron deficiency. Tiredness is a really frustrating thing to deal with, especially when you're juggling a relationship, a blog, an internship and Love Island (sorry I'm addicted too!). Sometimes you can feel super frustrated with yourself especially if you're bagging those hours of sleep you need, but tiredness is one of those things that we all deal with. So I thought I'd write a post all about feeling all ZZZ and how I deal with it.

So how do I deal with it? Well the first thing is perhaps the most obvious - I take iron pills. Something to note here if you have never taken them before is that the normal kind (the one that a GP will most likely prescribe) are frankly terrible. They are far too strong for your poor stomach and anyone I talk to about them complains of stomach problems. For me they always made me feel nauseous, and my appetite completely dropped when I started taking them. Instead I take Feroglobin's Slow Release tablets that I've had no problems with - just make sure you take them with a meal. I also have the occasional Berocca in the morning if I'm feeling super tired! If you hate supplements you can of course eat food high in Iron, but I find that supplements are the best way for me to recover quickly.

Another thing that helps is actually exercising. Well when I say exercising what I really mean is walking. I am a massive walker, so much so that people complain I like walking too much. Whenever I'm in Central London you can't stope me walking and exploring around London - I just can't help myself. Exercise helps to wake you up and destress a bit which definitely isn't a bad thing! So if you're not into the gym like me, do consider taking a walk and getting out in the sunshine. 

The last thing that helps, but perhaps also doesn't really help is caffeine. If you know me well, or follow me on any social media you've probably gathered that I really love coffee. As someone who doesn't drink, coffee has become one of my main social outlets. Don't hate me I love my overpriced #latteart coffee, and have been in a committed relationship with Starbucks for way too long. 

So I guess the conclusion of this post is, don't ignore tiredness! There can be a LOT of reasons why you're feeling super exhausted that are totally not your fault. Sometimes it has nothing to do with sleep at all!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Is tiredness something you struggle with?


  1. These are helpful tips, ones I try and implement into my life as well! I struggle from extreme tiredness time-to-time so when that happens I consciously make sure i'm eating healthy, going for walks outside (good vitamin D!) and getting enough sleep. It's horrible feeling tired so I always try and combat it before it happens.
    Holly x

  2. These are great tips!! I'm a bit of a caffeine addict too!! xo

  3. I should have an exercise routine you are right - this will help me so much in not being tired all the time!

    x from Italy
    Cate //

  4. I've been feeling even more tired than normal recently, but I think it's because of the events in my personal life right now. And yes! Walking is so fun though! I could walk from Oxford Street to Covent Garden then down to South Bank in one afternoon no problem haha... Also can I take a moment to say the art on your arm is sooo pretty!!

  5. You've got great point here. I feel tired if I've been eating junk food too much and getting out and about always does help.
    Katie x

  6. I'm also somebody who is chronically tired, but I think mine is much more to do with being a night person. Come 9PM I'm ready to go but until then, I'm useless, no matter what I try! x

    Martha Jane |


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