Lush | Lush Creative Showcase 2016 (Lush Halloween and Christmas)

Hello Lovelies! This morning I was at the Lush creative showcase and I enjoyed it so much that I  just knew I had to share it all with you this evening. I'll be showing you new products from the Christmas and Halloween collection, as well as some of the fun things that happened at the event today. It's going to be a long one - so go grab a cup of tea, and let's me tell you about all the Lush amazingness I saw today. 

My experience of the Lush Creative Showcase started off in their amazing Christmas shop. I walked in and was hit by Christmas music, people dressed up, a giant snow globe, a Santa's Grotto and Lush everywhere. One thing Lush really know how to do is put on a show, and honestly it felt like Christmas day walking in. Not only were there amazing new products, but some really adorable gift sets too. Even better there was a Butterbear Cuddle corner. I REPEAT A BUTTERBEAR CUDDLE CORNER (basically the best thing ever). There were also lots of gorgeous display areas outside of the store, and rooms dedicated to Lush's perfume and makeup - which I would talk about but we would literally be here all day...

As if the Lush Christmas and Halloween Collections weren't enough there was even a Lush Kitchen Exclusives store with exclusive products as well as t-shirts and tote bags. Even more amazing there were GIANT bath bombs, like seriously they were huge. I'd love to have tried one, but I definitely can't dish out £12.00 on one bath bomb. 

I picked up all three of the exclusive bath bombs (didn't pick up the Magic Coloured Bubbles Bubble Bar though), so here's a little information about each:

1. Over and Over Bath Bomb (£4.25) Being half cocoa butter, Over and Over hardly managed to survive the heatwave but it still has the power to pick you up with lime and fennel oil. 

2. Ne Worry Pas Bath Bomb (£3.95) With calming Bergamot and Cedarwood, this bath bomb helps to wash your worries away. I can't wait to see how it dissolves!

3. Metamorphosis Bath Bomb (£4.25) This mysterious looking bath bomb is a mixture of black pepper and myrrh, that is meant to give you a comforting and tranquil bath (if not dramatic!). 

(Excuse the awful lighting in this photo - yikes!) Here's a list of all the new Christmas and Halloween Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs:

1. So White Bath Bomb (£3.75) Technically not a newbie but this Lush classic has had a makeover. Say hello to the new apple shaped So White! Smells of apple too by the way.

2. Jester Reusable Bubble Bar (£6.50) One of my favourite new products this year, Jester is a cheerful reusable bubble bar with a gorgeous citrusy smell just like Brightside Bubble Bar. Apparently the soak's on you (got to love a bit of Lush banter). 

3. Mistletoe Bath Bomb (£4.25) Lush say this will conjure up a fairytale soak that's as romantic as kisses beneath the mistletoe. And with Jasmine and Vetivert it's definitely on the more herbal side of the Christmas collection. 

4. Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb (£4.25) Shoot For The Stars is one of my favourites so it's nice to see it back, although this time it's had a bit of a makeover. I can't quite put my finger on what the scent is, but it smells quite sweet with caramel tones. 

5. Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb (£4.25) Let me tell you right now this bath bomb is a nightmare in hot weather (melted in the bag), but this cocoa butter coated bath bomb smells divine. It has a gorgeous sweet tropical smell and I'm just a bit in love to be honest... 

6. Santasaurus Reusable Bubble Bar (£5.95) Whoever came up with the idea for this deserves a hug, officially one of my favourite Lush designs ever. Not really sure what the scent is here, but it smells quite fresh and herbal to me.  

7. Snowie Bubble Bar (£4.25) This adorable snowman is a tribute to the late David Bowie, and that's enough for me to love it. This one has a strong herbal scent, but again no clue what the actual scent is (so helpful I know...). 

8. Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb (£3.75) Wow, wow, wow this bath bomb just makes me want it to be Autumn already, it's just too pretty. Not so sure I'm a fan of the scent because it's quite musky, but it looks like it will be stunning in the bath. 

9. Northern Lights Bath Bomb (£3.95) Northern Lights is back (yay!) with a new look and I'm in love. If its old version is anything to go by, this will give you a stunning out of this world bath. 

10. Monster's Ball Bath Bomb (£4.25) My bath bomb looks a little battered but either way how cute is this little monster? It has a spooky mixture of Lime and Neroli, and a cocoa butter eye. 

11. Pumpkin Bath Bomb (£3.95) A simple design, but I'm still won over by this Pumpkin Bath Bomb. The scent is meant to evoke the smell of home baking, with a gorgeous mix of vanilla and cinnamon to add some spice. 

12. Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar (£3.95) I love it when Lush do anything based off a film or book, so these Ruby Red Slippers from The Wizard of Oz have just won me over. These glittery shoes smell pretty spicy too. 

13. Boo Bath Melt (£?) Didn't see this one anywhere except in a gift set but Boo is a simple white cone shaped ghost bath melt with calming mimosa and warm ginger.

Phew! That was a long post! Let me know what products you're excited to try out, and also I just want to say a big thank you to Lush for putting on such an amazing event (as always). Have a great week lovelies!


  1. That was a super fast turnaround! Soooo excited for these releases - especially Ne Worry Pas! x

    Martha Jane |

  2. Oh wow this looks like an incredible lush collection

    Beauty Candy Loves

  3. This is probably the best blogger event EVER. You must have had so much fun!
    Santasaurus is just the best! I need it in my life now, I can't wait to be able to see the Christmas range in stores.

    Julia x
    Last post: My Summer Manicure |

  4. I followed the entire thing on your Insta stories and it sounds like you had the best time ever! I cant wait for these to hit stores! NEED!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. The Butterbear tin is so cute! Will definitely be going on my wish list! Can't wait to try the Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb, so exciting! xx

  6. The showcase look amazing I would have loved to have gone! Great post lovely!

    Ella xx

  7. I love the Shoot for the stars bath bomb to!! I must say I really want to get the Santasauras it looks so cute!! Looks like my husband will be getting somethings for Christmas out of there for me lol!!

    Vikki |

  8. You're so lucky you went to this AHHH! I've been watching all the Lush Instagram pics and I'm so jealous heheheh x
    Morgan |

  9. So many new great bath bombs I definitely want to try out! Looks like you had a great time :)

    Tabitha x

  10. Oh my gosh bet you had the BEST day ever!! I'm soooo jealous, it looks incredible! I'm so so excited for the Christmas range, some of my all time favourites are coming back, and I genuinely cannot wait!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  11. I'm so excited for all of the Christmas Lush stuff, just thinking about it makes me feel so festive! x

    Always, Alice

  12. I'm so gutted Yog Nog isn't back! I loved that bath bomb last year :( oh well - if Shoot for the Stars is caramel scented it might be a good substitute and Never Mind the Ballistics is DEFINITELY heading into my shopping basket!

    Ruby Slippers is actually a returning product! They brought this out YEARS ago (I think during my first Christmas as a Lush fan which would have been at least seven years gone??) but it was a round shape like the original Sunny Side. I'm liking its new look!

    Me and you are definitely going to this event if they do it next year ;)

    Megan x
    Lucky Penumbra

  13. 9th photo down. - theres 3 bath bombs. You labeled them #1, 2 & 3 .. In ur text Right under that photo you labeled #1 as "over and over" bath bomb.. Is that an error ? It looks super similar to "never mind the ballistics" ??

  14. This event looks so amazing! I was invited to the Lush Christmas launch in my country too but had to cancel last minute :(. Can't wait to see all the products next week though!
    That Butterbear cuddle corner is so cute <3

    Anu♡ | Based On | bloglovin


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