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Hello Lovelies! Because I've been struggling a bit with blog post ideas, today I thought I'd go back to basics and just chat to you about a few things I've been absolutely loving lately! Life is very up in the air at the moment. I'm no longer a university student, I'm looking for an internship and I'm feeling like a right adult. Except I also still feel like a complete child. Oh dear...

Bazaar Magazine The first time I bought an issue of Bazaar Magazine was a couple of months ago and oh my word are the fashion spreads gorgeous. Packed with floral, girly loveliness. This will be one of my regular buys now, as well as LivingEtc (best homeware magazine ever!).

Nescafe Gold White Chocolate Mocha Sachets I've been a fan of the Nescafe sachets for ages now - the gingerbread latte version is bae. But yesterday I discovered the white chocolate mocha version and I was honestly a little bit TOO happy. Only thing I will say with these coffee sachets is you need to stir them like a boss, or it gets a bit icky and lumpy.

How To Get Your Website Noticed Ok so How To Get Your Website Noticed was a book that I read ages ago, but I picked it up again this weekend to refresh my knowledge. It has a very professional approach, which maybe isn't so relevant to bloggers as a lot of it is retail related. But that said there are some great little tips so it is well worth a read.

Pixi Copper Peach Mesmerizing Metals Palette Back in April I reviewed this palette and ever since I've found myself reaching for it every day. The forth shade is my ultimate fave.

Jimmy Choo Perfume My boyfriend bought me this for my birthday and I really love it. It's super similar to Daisy - you know one of those pretty floral scents so obviously I adore it. 

Garnier Moisture Bomb My skin has been so super dry lately and honestly this night cream has been an absolute life saver. Bye bye dry skin.

Aussie's 3 Miracle Oil I love this oil SO much. Never thought I'd be saying I was a hair oil girl but this makes your hair so silky smooth and shiny, and it's honestly not greasy at all! Worth it for how soft it makes your hair feel!

Rings These days you can't seem to stop me buying rings. I'm a tad obsessed. The tropical tree ring is from Topshop and is the cutest little Summer-y touch to any outfit. The weird bird one is totally quirky and unique, but hey that's why I love it. I actually found it in Hardware Vintage Jewellery (Topshop on Oxford street) and it's a vintage piece from the 70's. The last two rings are from Asos. The unicorn one is super in your face, but that's why I love it and the panda one is just the cutest little ring. It hardly shows up in these photos but trust me it's utterly adorable.

Shows I've Been Loving Love Island (so bad it's good!), House of Cards (why have I only jumped on this bandwagon?) and the current season of Ru Paul's Drag Race (Sasha Velour for the crown!).

Anyway thank you for reading lovelies! I hope you've had a super chilled Sunday!


  1. No waaaaaay! I can't believe they do a white chocolate mocha version of the sachets! I'll be on the hunt for those now. Great picture and post btw!

  2. Those rings are so beautiful! Especially that unicorn one is ridiculously cute <3

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  3. This is the second time I'm reading about that Jimmy Choo perfume today so I need to give it a whiff! And I adore Nescafe sachets, they were all that I drink back when I was living in Malaysia.

  4. Love Sasha velour! There is so much good TV on at the moment, loving it!


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