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Hello Lovelies! Today is a pretty exciting day as I got accepted into a social media internship, so this means hello the real working world and whilst I'm a bit nervous I honestly can't wait. Not looking forward to those early mornings though (coffee I need you more than ever)! Today is just a really fun collection of bold colourful things from OhhDeer and Asos, so I hope you enjoy!

1. Daddy Cool Coaster £2.95 [x] : It's Father's Day on Sunday so I've got my eye on something special for my dad. This fun lil coaster is definitely a contender!

2. Maya Neon Circle Vase £30.00 [x] : How absolutely gorgeous is this vase? I just love the pop of colour, and it's such a cool shape too.

3. I Am Opti Mystic Mug £12.00 [x] : Everyone loves a good mug, and for some reason I really love this one. 

4. Leopard Stash Box £6.00 (in sale) [x] : If you want a quirky way to store your jewellery or knick knacks, then try this super cool leopard stash box. 

5. Sunny Side Up Bath Mat £25.00 [x] : The bathroom is always one of those places that turns out a little boring. But you can avoid the bathroom blues with this fun sunny side up bath mat. 

6. Neon Cat Throw Cushion £45.00 [x] : Not for everyone, but I personally love this cool neon throw cat cushion. So cool!

Hope you have a great week lovelies! Thanks for reading!


  1. I LOVE that bath mat! And congrats on the internship!! (I know I sent you a bunch of emojis on twitter haha) Working is really fun and you're going to be amazing xx


  2. ah nice bits and bobs but most importantly... CONGRATULATIONS on the internship!! You're going to do amazingly, you'll need to let us all know how you get on.
    All the best, sweets x




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