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Hello Lovelies! You know what it has honestly been a while since I've sat down and had a bit of a chat with you guys, so I thought a perfect place to start is by talking about my recent trip to Kew Gardens. I blogged about Kew in Autumn, but I decided to go back for my 21st birthday to see how things had changed (Kew looks so different in every season!). 

One of the things I noticed again about Kew is that I always seem to feel incredibly lost there. It's massive, and honestly so badly sign posted that you'll find yourself wondering just where everything is. But the perk of that is you really can have a proper explore and see some of the wonderfully diverse areas of Kew. The greenhouses as always are beautiful, but super steamy. Glasses wearers and photographers beware. 

And Kew in Spring, well it doesn't disappoint at all. There were so many beautiful flowers, blossoms, bluebells, and of course lovely sort of sunny not too cold weather (well on good days). Recently I've become a big believer in walking, especially in nature. Maybe that's just my excuse not to do any strenuous exercise but honestly a good walk can really help you to just chill out which is needed when you're a final year uni student. 

Anyways, this was only a quick catch up but I hope you're all well. Life is just so busy at the moment, but hopefully I'll be blogging lots more soon! Have a great week lovelies!


  1. These photos are beautiful! It looks like an absolutely gorgeous place ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Aww thank you! It is the loveliest place xx

  2. It's so pretty and I haven't been there in years! I need to go back but none of my family are interested in doing it haha

  3. I've only just come across this post, but I'm planing to visit Kew Gardens for the first time in a couple weeks and I'm excited! It looks so pretty, especially now that flowers are blossoming. I'll make note of how easy it is to get lost and get a map haha!

    Julia x
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Thanks for your comments, I love reading them and will be sure to visit your blog soon :) have a lovely day!