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Hello Lovelies! Today's homeware edit is dedicated to H&M's new Tropical Touch range. I was browsing through their website and stumbled across it and let's just say I'm in love. It's all about being eclectic and mixing lots of different fabrics colours and textures!

1. Mirrored Tray £24.99 [x] : H&M have used this metal bamboo look in a few of the products in this range and I am just in love. This is perfect for a chic drink tray or breakfast in bed (anyone want to make me some?). 

2. Textured Glass Vase £12.99 [x] : If it was up to me I'd own hundreds of vases, but my storage and bank account doesn't really agree with that. But this beautiful green textured vase is one of my most favourites I've seen in a while. 

3. Textured Jug £9.99 [x] : What won me over with this jug is that beautifully vivid colour. Love, love, love. 

4. 2-pack round table mats £6.99 [x] : Let's face it, table mats aren't really that exciting but these H&M ones are really lovely. They have the texture, and also a nice yellow shade too. 

5. Slub weave cushion cover £8.99 [x] : You all know I love a beautiful print, and I'm a bit of a cushion addict so can I have this please? 

6. Seat Pad with Tassels £8.99 [x] : I really love seat pad cushions but we never had them at our house (yay for uncomfortable chairs... not). These ones are basic but they have the special touch of tassels which makes them special. 

Thanks for reading lovelies! I hope you have a great week!


  1. The textured vase and jug are both absolutely gorgeous :)


  2. I LOVE the Slub Weave Cushion, it's gorgeous.


  3. That jug! (heart eyes emoji) I would love to have it for one of my dinner parties, it's quite the statement piece itself.

  4. That mirrored tray is such a gorgeous piece! What look great in any space

    Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Definitely would! Can't believe it's a high street piece!


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