Lush | Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! Another day closer to Christmas, and another Lush Christmas review! Today I'm talking about Lush's Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb (£4.25), which is a personal favourite of mine. This year it was redesigned, with new gold glittery cocoa butter stars and a wonderful vivid blue. Whilst I did love the old design, I think Lush have done an amazing job re-vamping Shoot For The Stars.

The scent it has is a personal favourite of mine, although it's pretty damn hard to describe if I'm honest. It's a mix of Brazilian Orange Oil and Bergamot that combine to make this sickly sweet scent which is strangely similar to toffee. When you drop it into the bath, it starts to quickly fizz away erupting the bath into a deep blue colour, with bursts of light blue and white. Also of course there are the stars inside the bath bomb which are super moisturising and perfect to rub onto your skin. 

This is definitely one of my absolute favourites from the Christmas collection, as it just gives you the loveliest Christmas bath. But the one thing I will say is there is a lot of glitter, so if you're not a fan I wouldn't buy this because after the bath I found that a lot of the glitter clung to my skin. But all in all I loved this bath bomb - I mean isn't it just gorgeous?!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have an amazing Christmas! Make sure you take a look at my other Lush Christmas reviews (new this year in bold).


  1. Shoot for the star was one of my favourite Christmas bath bombs too, so I can't wait to try out this new design! You did a good job at describing the scent, it is so lovely and comforting. I love when glitter stays on the skin after a Lush bath haha, however it is a pain when it stays on the bathtub!

    Julia x
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  2. I lovvve the look of this, will have to grab it before all the limited edition products are gone! A lovely post as always Vicky!
    Holly :) x

  3. Woww I like this one. Usually I just get the plain white apple scented one around Xmas which is so boring of me :P I'll pick this one up next!

    Samantha Series

  4. This is the one and only bath bomb that I love from Lush, it's freaking amazing and makes my skin feels silky smooth too.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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