Christmas | Stocking Fillers Under £15.00

Hello Lovelies! Originally I had lots of gift guides planned for this year, but after falling a bit ill and then getting a cold that has all gone out of the window. However, I still wanted to do a little stocking guide for you all as little presents are my favourite to buy. I actually pick my own stocking presents and my sister's to help my mum, so I have a LOT of experience doing stocking fillers. Hope you like them!
1. Pug To Do Notepad £5.95 [x] : This adorable but hilarious Gemma Correll to do list notepad is something I think anybody would like. I've already bought one for myself... 

2. Bath Salt Jar and Scoop Set £8.00 [x] : I'm not even the biggest bath salt girl myself, but how adorable is this jar and scoop set? So cute.

3. Saskia Trinket Dish £9.50 [x] : After buying myself two oliver bonas trinket dishes this year, I hated seeing how adorable their new range is! I mean how perfect is this trinket tray?! Is three trinket trays too much?

4. Invisibobble Hair Ties £4.00 [x] : If you haven't tried these hair ties let me tell you right now they are game-changing! Say goodbye to tangled hair.

5. Lucky Hare Ditsy Necklace £15.00 [x] : Orelia is one of the best brands for special dainty jewellery, and I love this little hair necklace. 

6. Avocado Pod Face Mask £3.00 [x] : And the award for the cutest packaging goes to... Like seriously how adorable is this avocado face mask? 

7. Meh Maid Oyster Card Holder £3.95 [x] : Another Gemma Correll item on the list, but can you blame me? This oyster card holder is hilarious!

8. Monogrammed Notepad £6.00 [x] : I'm a sucker for anything personalised, and I love this chic little notebook from Kikki.K.

9. A6 Lightbox £12.00 [x] : One of the biggest trends of 2016 was definitely the lightbox and as an owner of a mini one myself, I have to say they're pretty cool!

10. Marble & Copper Coaster £8.00 [x] : Copper, marble and personalised? Yup this alphabet coaster is pretty fab and so chic too!

11. Pixapet £10.00 [x] : If you were a kid of the tamagotchi generation then you'll love the nostalgia of this pixapet! I want one. 

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have a great week and an amazing Christmas!

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  1. OMG, I was crazy about Tamagotchi so Pixapet is definitely a walk down memory lane for me. Haha!

    ps: I have received your card and thank you for the stickers! Super cute! xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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