Lush | Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar

Hello Lovelies! Originally I assumed Ruby Red Slippers was a Halloween product, but as it turns out this Wizard of Oz inspired product is actually a Christmas one! It makes sense considering it's red and glittery - but hey it just gave me Halloween vibes. Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar (£3.95) has a really intriguing scent. It's a mix of carnation, rose and tangerine that creates a lovely mysterious scent. Not one of my favourites, but I love that the scent is a little bit different!

When it comes to the bath, you can get about two or three uses out of this so it's actually pretty good value. It also creates lovely soft bubbles and the nicest deep red colour which is perfect for getting into the festive spirit. The only thing that seems unnecessary is the glittery finish as personally I didn't think it brought that much to the bath considering some people do react to glitter. That said I love the idea by the product, and loved the colour it made.

All in all Ruby Red Slippers isn't one of my favourite Christmas products this year, but I still loved using it! Have a great week lovelies and look out for a Blogmas post every day from me!


  1. Your header is *inserts perf hand emoji* and I made this at the blogger event last night and it was so fun ahh

  2. I assumed that it was a Halloween product too! Next time I go into Lush, I'll have a look round and see if I can find some of these. I always like it when you can get more than one use out of a bubble bar! x

  3. Ohh this bubble bar looks so pertty! I need one! xo

    Love, Catherine


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