Food | Bears Ice Cream Company

Hello Lovelies! Today me and my sister ventured over to Shepherd's Bush in search of yummy ice cream at Bears Ice Cream Company. Interestingly Bears Ice Cream Company isn't your typical ice cream place. It's a sort of English/Icelandic hybrid, taking classic English flavours and making them in the traditional Icelandic way. In Iceland, ice cream isn't just a Summer thing, but a treat that you have all year round. They also make it in a different way to us Brits with typically one soft serve and toppings to add flavour. So Bears Ice Cream is perfect if you love trying something a bit different...

One of the things I love about Bears Ice Cream is the interior. It's so pretty and white with lots of cute  little touches like these adorable bear stools so kids can see all the amazing toppings on offer. The menu is also a bit different with milkshakes and a few different types of ice cream on offer. You can either have an ice cream with two toppings of your choice, go for a signature cone or pick a glacier (ice cream in a box with three toppings). They also have an adorable bear ice cream cone which is perfect for the little ones. 

Both me and my sister went for a signature cone. She chose the Apple Crunch (£4.80) which has apple crumble, cinnamon, apple and salted caramel. I tried a bit of hers and it was super yummy, and kind of wanted to eat it all even though I had my own. 

My signature cone of choice was the Dark & Salty which had a gorgeous mix of brownie, sea salt, popcorn and dark chocolate dip. Like seriously this cone was dipped in chocolate and covered in pop corn, and then lower down in the cone there were pieces of brownie. Basically ice cream goals. The actual soft serve ice cream itself was lovely. Not to sweet and perfectly creamy and soft.

Honestly I've found my new favourite ice cream place. The service was amazing, and the ice cream was just so ridiculously yummy that I can't wait to go back and try a new signature cone. I always love when people try and do something different with a business, so it's lovely to see a bit of Icelandic culture brought to the UK in such a yummy form!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Make sure you visit my blog as there will be a new Blogmas post up every day up until Christmas. If you want to visit Bears Ice Cream, you can find them at 244 Goldhawk Road, W12 9PE (Tues - Fri 15.30 - 20.30) and (Sat & Sun 12.30 - 20.30).