Lifestyle | Pink Lattes At Palm Vaults

Hello Lovelies! Confession, sometimes I go to places just for the Instagram photos, and nope I'm not even a tiny bit sorry about it because pretty photos and even better pretty coffee. Today me and my blogging pal Fran, who has the most gorgeous photography by the way, decided to head off and try Palm Vaults, famous for it's multi-coloured lattes and super on trend palm aesthetic. We even had to head all the way over to Hackney, but hey anything for pretty pink lattes, am I right?  

It's located just a short walk away from Hackney Central, but somehow I still managed to get lost on the way because my sense of direction is simply horrific. But when we ended up at Palm Vaults, I was happy to see that this insta-worthy place looked just as insta-worthy in real life. With vintage books, a cool laid back interior and plenty of plants it was definitely hipster heaven. I of course went for one of their Velvet lattes, named so because it allegedly tastes of red velvet and Fran went for a cappuccino. Annoyingly though I wasn't a fan of my latte, honestly it just tastes of beetroot and nuts and I'm not a fan of either. What can I say? I'm not a healthy human and I like my coffee sweet and sugary. But Fran's cappuccino was apparently really nice so hey not a complete loss. Palm Vaults also do Vegetarian food, like avocado on toast (of course) and a whole range of drinks and smoothies so you are really spoilt for choice. And if you're thinking of joining the colourful latte club, they also have a golden latte (tumeric based) and a lovely green matcha latte. 

All in all, the pink latte wasn't exactly my cup of tea but Palm Vaults is pretty awesome so I definitely recommend popping over if you're ever in the area. Personally I'm dying to try one of their matcha lattes so who knows I may be back soon... 

If you're thinking of heading over to Palm Vaults, it's just a short walk from Hackney Central train station so super easy to get to and located at 411 Mare Street, E8 1HY, London. Also you should totally hop over to Fran's post on Palm Vaults because that's pretty awesome. Have a great week lovelies and remember it's nearly Friday (thank the lord!).


  1. such a pretty place! I too go to these to get some insta pics :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Wow, that pink latte looks pretty awesome! I love cute little coffee shops, I love discovering new ones. Your photos are gorgeous! Lovely post Vicky!

    Tabitha x X

  3. I'm really glad you suggested going there! Do tell me when you find another cool coffee shop to go to :D (ps. I love the sweets from Sugar Sin aahhh)

  4. Girl I feel you, I'm so guilty of going places just for the cute Insta photos ahah! This place looks too cute and your drink is so pink and perfect <3 I need to check it out when I'm next in the area! x

  5. I love Palm Vaults - my friends are all coffee haters so I ordered the pink latte only to discover that it didn't have coffee in it (at least I couldn't taste any!). I'll be ordering the matcha latte next time as it looks just as pretty! x

  6. It looks so cute! I love the pink latte!!

  7. that pink latte is adorable and perfect for pictures<3
    xx from italy
    Cate ღ kate/

  8. ok I need to try this once in my life hehe! Look so cute :)
    thanks for sharing . xx

  9. This place does look so aesthetically pleasing! Ah your latte looks so cute, it's such a shame it didn't taste too great, beetroot and nuts does sound like an interesting combination though!

    rosario // rosarioverse xoxo


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