Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (26th October - 1st November)

Hello Lovelies! You must have guessed this by now, but this week the theme for my Homeware/Gifts picks is Halloween! This week I'm planning to write some spooky Halloween posts, so stay tuned this week for that. This week's posts are from OhhDeer, John Lewis, Society 6, Urban Outfitters and Paperchase. 

1. Halloween Cookie Cutters £7.95 [x] : I can't be the only one who loves Halloween baking, and these creepy cookie cutters are perfect for a bit of spooky baking this Saturday. 

2. Halloween Skeleton Photo Booth £8.00 [x] : In this fun Skeleton themed set, you get 22 Halloween themed disguises and props. Perfect if you're planning to go to a photo booth on Halloween or even takes some fun snaps at home. 

3. Misfortune Cookies £14.95 [x] : My favourite pick from this week are these cool misfortune cookies, which are a spooky taste on the fortune cookie. They come in a pack of 13 (get it?) and have a dark message hidden inside. 

4. Meri Meri Christmas Balloon Kit £10 [x] : This is a bit of an indulgent Halloween pack, but this contains 4 balloon characters which you can craft and create with sticks so you can use them as balloon masks. Perfect to make with kids, or kids at heart.

5. Harry Potter Horcruxes and Items Cushion $27.00/£17.63 [x] : Where are my Harry Potter fans (yup another Harry Potter item this week!). This is more of a nerdy thing than a Halloween thing, but how cool is this Horcrux cushion? Forget about Halloween, I want this in my house all year! 

6. Skull Mug £12.00 [x] : What I love about this mug, is that it has such a fun Day of the Dead vibe and could be used all year (if you like skulls that is)!

Thank you for reading lovelies! Are you getting up to anything spooky this Halloween?


  1. I love the theme! The spooky fortune cookies look intriuging, they'd be perfect for a Halloween party.
    Megan x
    London Callings

  2. The mug is the winner for me, it makes a lovely decoration piece too, another great pick, Vicky!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. I love that Harry Potter cushion! Definitely tempted to buy it :) x


    1. Haha me too! I love how you can have it all year too :) x

  4. Love these! The Halloween cookie cutters are amazing! xx
    Chasing Belle 23

    1. They really are, want them so I can do some baking!


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