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Hello Lovelies! Yesterday I decided to go to the Chanel Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery because everyone seems to be raving about it and it's also free entry (yay!). When I turned up however, there was a massive queue, that literally stretched on forever so my sister quickly abandoned me and I ended up queueing alone in the rain (so not so yay!). But once I'd got into the exhibition, it was definitely worth the 30 minute wait. 

The first part of the exhibition was a beautiful garden specially created for the exhibition representing three stages of Chanel's life. After walking through the garden, you have to queue up again to get into the actual gallery and here you will be told to download the app for the exhibition - which you should definitely do! Being the idiot I am, I didn't but it's great as it allows you to actually interact with the exhibition. At one point you can even hover your phone over a fake door in the exhibition, and on your phone screen you see the door open and Chanel inside which was a very surreal thing to see. One of the highlights was the fragrance room, which was a slightly crazy but cool room with vats of perfume that opened and spewed out fragrance. 

On the ground floor, the exhibition aimed to give you an insight into Chanel, and her creation progress. One of the first things I saw was the iconic Chanel staircase, recreated as it was such an iconic part of her life. Other highlights included the fabric room which had a wide range of white fabric hanging from the ceiling which you could feel as you walked by. There was also a voice over of 'Chanel' talking about her design history, and the reason she designed her clothes the way she did. 

It was the first floor, however that really blew me away. The first thing you see is this landscaped garden with actual hedge (I really thought it was fake) where you can sit down and take in the atmosphere. Then you get to see the clothes, and oh my they were gorgeous! The first room, had absolutely transparent dresses, mostly made of lace and fringe with bolts of light shooting through the centre of the mannequin. It was just amazing, especially as a big fan of lace - so that bit was essentially heaven for me. Then you move on to the room with diamonds, which was actually quite intimidating because you know that everything there is worth ridiculous amounts of money. Alongside these outfits, there are photos of various iconic celebrities wearing the diamonds which were a lovely little touch as it really showcased the idea of the Chanel woman. The last part was a short film, which showed Chanel (as a ghost) coming to the Chanel headquarters and angrily accusing Karl Lagerfeld of ruining her label. This was completely bizarre, but hilarious. Karl basically defended himself for modernising her vision, and creating and keeping the idea of Coco Chanel alive whilst Coco defensively criticised him. Props to Karl for that, as it's more realistic then her coming and loving everything. All in all it was an amazing exhibition, just if you go remember that the queues are likely to be massive.

Thank you for reading lovelies! Have you ever been to an exhibition like this? If you want to go to this exhibition too, it's open till the 1st November - so hurry and get there soon!


  1. Wow, dream exhibition! Everything looks phenomenal! xxxxx

    1. It really was, it was crazy to see Chanel dresses in person x

  2. sounds like a great exhibition! too bad you had to queue up for so long!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Oh wow, that looks like a brilliant exhibition! Yes it sucked to queue for 30 minutes in the rain but looks like it worth every minute!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. Woooow I need to visit! I knew about the exhibition but I had no idea what it was like! This is absolutely stunning x

    Martha Jane |


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