Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (8-14th September)

Hey lovelies! This is  my second week of showing you my homeware/gifts picks of the week (click here for last week's) where I show you some of my favourite products I've found on the internet this week. Here goes:

1. Bunny and Carrot by Alessi £32.00 [x] : I love this product, if you've never heard of Alessi before, they are a brand you should definitely check out. This is a kitchen roll holder (in case you were wondering) and I just love the cute rabbit and carrot design. 

2. Green Owl Tealight Holder £10.00 [x] : I think this tealight holder is absolutely adorable, but that may just be because I really love owls...

3. Eric The Memo Elephant £12.95 [x] : Eric the Elephant is perfect for leaving notes on or just randomly drawing on? I never thought I waned a 'Memo Elephant' before but now I need one!

4. Smartphone Projector £15.95 [x] : This is really cool as you can use it to project films/videos from your smartphone on to a wall. Perfect if you want to try a budget projector experience. Pop corn at the ready!

5. Arthur Egg Cup and Spoon £7.95 [x] : Again this is something I don't really need, but I think it's really fun to experiment with new egg cups (I have soo many!). It would also make a perfect gift for a younger brother or sister etc... as it really makes eating fun. 

6. Artemis Cushion £34.95 [x] : These designs have been in various posts on my blog, but I love this design so much that I couldn't resist mentioning it in this week's post. 

Tell me in the comment section below what you think - would you buy any of these?


  1. Oh my gosh the bunny and carrot is so adorable, too adorable to be a kitchen roll holder almost :D x


  2. The elephant idea is so cute and such a good idea omg. :)


  3. I love the idea of the Memo Elephant! So cute :) x

  4. Oh gosh, I love that cushion! <3

    Tara x

  5. The owl tealight holder is so cute


    1. Yeah it is, I saw it in store and fell in love with it :)


Thanks for your comments, I love reading them and will be sure to visit your blog soon :) have a lovely day!