Project Runway Season 13 Episode 7 Recap: 'Chopard'

This week the contestants had to make an outfit suitable for a Gala red carpet, but also complimenting the Chopard jewellery they had chosen. Tim Gunn decided to use his 'Tim Gunn save' and brought back Char who was eliminated last week. Here's what I thought of the looks this week: 

Alexander - Bottom

Alexander's dress felt too heavy, and didn't really achieve the effortless sculptured look he was trying to achieve. Also the colours really didn't compliment the necklace. I really didn't like this dress, but I do think that Alexander did try at least to push himself and do something different. 

Amanda - Top

Whilst this was in the top, I wasn't the biggest fan of this look, the organza did not work for me at all - it felt too flimsy looking. I like the jumpsuit but I don't like the 'organza coat' at all. Also, the lovely heart bracelet was completely lost in this look!

Char - Safe

Char was safe this week. I thought this dress was quite pretty and complimented the jewellery well but I think the ruffles are far too high up the body. 

Emily - Safe

I love the red against the necklace, but I think that the 'peplum?' look doesn't really work, as it throws of the proportions of the models body. Plus the hem looks a little uneven, really do love the colour though!

Fade - Safe

I liked this dress but it didn't suit the challenge at all, even if it did compliment the jewellery. It looked too casual for me, rather than for a red carpet but I love the simple elegance it has. 

Kini - Bottom

I liked Kini's dress when it walked down the runway as it flowed so well. However the construction on the bodice really let it down and also the length of the dress. I don't really think it deserved to be in the bottom though. 

Korina - Winning Look

I did like Korina's look because it really embraced the feel of the necklace. However, I do feel like the coat is a bit too heavy even if it definitely makes a big statement. 

Samantha - Eliminated

Samantha's dress wasn't bad, it was just too safe which is a shame because Samantha has created great looks in the past. The jewellery needed a slightly more extravagant look to compliment it, as it's so simple. 

Sandhya - Safe

I feel like I shouldn't like Sandhya's look but I do. I love the shape of the dress but wish that it was longer. I sort of like the print but don't at the same time but I think that it compliments the jewellery well. 

 Sean - Top 

This was the winning look for me because it was so elegant and complimented the jewellery so well. I love the gentle mermaid tail of the dress, it just works so perfectly. 

Which was your favourite look? Tell me in the comment section below: