Beauty | Pixi Copper Peach Mesmerizing Mineral Palette


Hello Lovelies! It honestly feels like the longest time since I've had my blog in shape. Final year has been a lot of work, but after finishing five essays this week I'm hoping to get things back on track in between intense revision sessions. Today we're talking palettes, and this time it's the super pretty Copper Peach Mesmerizing Mineral Palette (£15.00). Pixi is a brand I've dabbled in and had really mixed results. Their famous glow tonic broke my poor skin out, but their Honey Nectar Shea Butter Lip Balm is my go to lip, and I just love Pixi's Anti-redness Primer! So what did I think of this palette?

Home | The Monday Home Edit (24th April - 30th April)

Hello Lovelies! I'll keep this short and sweet, because I've got about a billion essays to do this week (and really shouldn't be blogging!). This week's picks are a mish mash of texture from Urban Outfitters and H&M home!

Lifestyle | Confession, I'm The Queen Of Essay All Nighters

Hello Lovelies! My life at the moment is consumed by essays. Luckily I don't have a dissertation (yes!), but to make up for the word count I have a hell of a lot of essays left to do. About five essays that add up to a grand total of 15,000 words to be exact. Luckily I've finished one of those, but the deadline for all of them is next week (uh oh!). 

Home | The Monday Home Edit (17th April - 23rd April)

Hello Lovelies! Today's Home Edit is all about injecting a bit of fun and sass into your home. So we're talking outrageously bold colours, and a lot of fun design which is honestly 100% my thing. If you haven't guessed that by now, do you even read my blog? Picks are from Debenhams, French Bedroom Company, H&M 

Lush | Chick 'N' Mix Bath Bomb

Chick 'N' Mix Bath Bomb
Chick 'N' Mix Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! This year's Lush Easter collection honestly had me a little underwhelmed, only really because there was only one new bath bomb or bubble bar this year (if you don't include the exclusives) *sad face*. But Lush's Chick 'N' Mix bath bomb definitely made up for it all with its super fun and innovative design. With three parts, it's pretty similar to the likes of last year's Humpty Dumpty or Lush's classic Which Came First? Bath Bomb but with one key difference, the parts all come separate. Pretty cool right? Well pretty cool apart from it's a nightmare trying not to break it, which is really my only complaint. 

Home | The Monday Home Edit (10th April - 16th April)

Nowadays in fashion and homeware, one of the current obsessions seems to be updating vintage style. You only have to look at your shoes, dresses or shirts to see this. I mean remember when embroidery was associated with grandmas and being out of fashion, now you see it everywhere! So this week's edit is all about modern takes on old school style, and it's something to be honest that I really love. This week's picks are from Asos, OhhDeer, Sass and Belle, Joy and Urban Outfitters. 

Lifestyle | How To Grow You Audience Even When Instagram Is Shadow Banning

Hello Lovelies! I'll start this post off with a lil disclaimer. I am by no means an Instagram expert, I'm just a bit of an Instagram addict who uses the platform everyday. My love of Instagram, the photo aspect, not so much the company started last Summer and since then I've gained about 1,000 followers, averaging 100 a month so my account is very much growing despite that pesky algorithm (yay!). So in today's post I wanted to talk about shadow banning, and how I'm still growing my account even in these dark times...

Fashion | Feeling Blue

Hello Lovelies! All throughout my life, my favourite colour has see-sawed between pink and blue, but recently I've been all about blue. So give me blue in all the pastel shades and I am one happy girl. One of my absolute Spring staples is this Vera Moda Gingham Ruffle Smock Dress which psst! is currently in sale at only £22.00! For me it's always hard to get used to smock fit dresses, because I love everything to be fitted (oversized clothes make me feel a bit like a paper bag), but I've embraced this pastel blue gingham number of dreams. My family have joked it makes me look like a picnic blanket, but hey at least it's a pretty picnic blanket!

Home | The Monday Home Edit (3rd April - 9th April)

Hello Lovelies! To put it simply this week I was inspired by parrots, and then that lead somehow to sloths, tigers and Rome inspired soap. My lesson learned this week is my brain obviously works in funny ways... This week's picks are from OhhDeer, House of Fraser and Urban Outfitters.

Home | Putting On A Spring Party In Style

Hello Lovelies! Spring will always be my favourite season. Who can say no to freshly picked daffodils, the prettiest blossoms, mini eggs a plenty and that British sunshine? So for today's post I thought I would talk all about hosting that perfect Spring party, complete with lots of cake, sweets and chocolate of course. To help me with putting on the perfect Spring party, Amara invited me to try out some homeware pieces from their site, and obviously as a massive homeware nerd I couldn't say no.