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Hello Lovelies! It honestly feels like the longest time since I've had my blog in shape. Final year has been a lot of work, but after finishing five essays this week I'm hoping to get things back on track in between intense revision sessions. Today we're talking palettes, and this time it's the super pretty Copper Peach Mesmerizing Mineral Palette (£15.00). Pixi is a brand I've dabbled in and had really mixed results. Their famous glow tonic broke my poor skin out, but their Honey Nectar Shea Butter Lip Balm is my go to lip, and I just love Pixi's Anti-redness Primer! So what did I think of this palette?

First, let's talk packaging! Of course I love the pastel green packaging (because pastels are life), and I love the slimness of the palette with its flip up top. It's a bit different from all of the other palettes I own, which as a bit of an eyeshadow palette collector, is a really nice change. On first impressions I was besotted with this palette, the eyeshadows are lovely and velvety and apply like an absolute dream, and can we talk about the shades? So pretty! 


But, since using this palette for eye looks over a few days, my opinion has changed a little. The staying power is great but the colour pay off varies a lot in the palette. So let's talk about the shades. 

Shade one (from the top) is a lovely light champagne shade, but it is very light and it struggles to show up at all on my pale skin. This one needs layering up to reach its full potential. 

Shade two is absolutely gorgeous and pigmented, and just has the most beautiful shimmer. It's a lovely light coppery shade, with a bit of a silver edge. 

Shade three is an odd one because it doesn't look at all like the colour in the palette. It's just not that dark at all, but is still a nice brown shade. It's great for building up an everyday eye look. 

Shade four is very similar to shade two and has been one of the shades I've been reaching for the most. The shimmer is so lovely and sparkly. 

Shade five is the most copper shade of the bunch and it's a gorgeous colour. It's not as pigmented as two and four, but it's one of those shades that any girl will love. 

Shade six is actually the darkest shade in the palette (when you swatch it) and honestly I'm a big fan, it's my third favourite after two and four. 

So all in all I do like this palette a lot, but I'd be weary of buying it without taking a close look at swatches as the colours turn out very different to how they appear. But by far the best aspect of this palette is the lovely shimmery effect the shades have, and their wonderfully velvety texture. 

Thank you for reading lovelies! Hope you have a great week!


  1. This palette looks amazing! You could use the top colour to highlight the inner corners if it isn't as pigmented, that's what I tend to do! :) x

  2. The pigmentation on these shadows are incredible!! x

  3. This palette looks beautiful! Love the four photos together, told you it would look nice.


  4. I'm not surprised that the Glow Tonic gave you breakouts, it's quite a strong product and might not be good for all skins unfortunately! I've never tried Pixi makeup but they have some beautiful eye palettes. The colours of this one do look different in your swatches than they do in the palette, but they're still really pretty and would make great everyday looks :) Thanks for your honest opinion!

    Julia x
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