Home | The Monday Home Edit (30th January - 5th February)

Hello Lovelies! Today (because the world is a bit rubbish rn) I wanted to do just a bit of a fun homeware edit with lots of colour, and of course llamas thrown in. Picks are from OhhDeer, Paperchase and Punky Pins!

1. No Probllama Pom Pom Pen Pot £4.00 [x] : Ok I'm sure Paperchase's latest range is meant for kids but I kind of want this pen pot. Maybe I need to grow up a bit, but I still kind of love this.

1. No Probllama Pass Case £8.00 [x] : So impractical, but oh so fun. Isn't this llama pass case just adorable? Love that it has 3D pom poms too!

3. Red Sausage Dog Head Coaster £2.95 [x] and Blue Sausage Dog Bum Coaster £2.95 [x] : I have far too many coasters from OhhDeer because they have such an hilarious selection. With these coasters you can either match the colours, or mix and match the dogs like I've done here for an extra quirky look.

4. Pictor Cushion £29.95 [x] : If you want an injection of colour into your sitting room, look no further than this super rainbow cushion. Reminds me a lot of Elmer the elephant. 

5. Pro Cats Pro Choice Enamel Pin £6.00 [x] : Feels like it's extra important to voice our opinions at the moment - so why not pick up one of these cool and totally cute pins?

6. No Probllama Money Box £10.00 [x] : Again you know this is probably just meant for kids (like most of the things I like) but it's just so cute. 

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have a great week!

Lifestyle | Being A Woman In A Trump World

Hello Lovelies! I must've written this post in my head about a billion times but lord knows for some reason I just haven't been able to put exactly how I feel into words. Maybe I've worried that I'll come off melodramatic, or that I'll blow everything completely out of proportion. Heck, maybe I just don't want to talk about the world right now but at the same time I feel like I have to because I feel so many things. 

Beauty | Bourjois Palette Les Nudes

Bourjois Palette Les Nudes

Hello Lovelies! I adore eye shadow palettes, and I adore Bourjois so when you put the two together I am bound to fall a little bit in love... Bourjois recently released two mini palettes with 8 shades each: Les Nudes and Les Smoky and I'm a bit in love with both of them but I'll save Les Smoky for another day. This is actually a pretty new thing from Bourjois, because correct me if I'm wrong but they tend to shy away from bigger palettes, releasing single eyeshadows and quads.

Home | The Monday Home Edit (23rd January - 29th January)

Hello Lovelies! This week I went for a very muted scheme, with pastels that pop and hints of gold, and of course a quirky rabbit teapot thrown in because you know me... This week's picks are from OhhDeer, H&M Home, Oliver Bonas and Urban Outfitters.

Lifestyle | Pokeball Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! I have seen so many people trying these Pokeball bath bombs that I just had to jump on the bandwagon. Pokemon was such a big part of my childhood, and I have played virtually every game since the originals so I've been obsessed the whole of my life. The Katch 'Em Bath Bomb (£3.95) is from a small business called Pretty Suds, that make their bath bombs by hand and put in little Pokemon figures from all the generations for you to discover inside. 

Lifestyle | Instagram and The Pursuit of Perspection

Hello Lovelies! After reading Beth's post on why word vomit is ok, I've sat down, grabbed a cup of tea and decided to just let the words flow. Pure unedited word vomit coming your way, you have been warned. Instagram has been one of my most recent obsessions. It was a platform that for the majority of my blogging journey that I cared about, but never really made much effort in. The way I saw it was that there were lots of girls and guys out there who lived these 'perfect' lives, and took these perfect out of this world photos, but I was definitely not one of those people. Hello defeatist attitude... 

Home | The Monday Home Edit (16th January - 22nd January)

Hello Lovelies! This year I've decided to continue my Monday Home edits posts. Originally I was thinking that I'd stop doing them because they aren't exactly popular, but they're something I enjoy so much so I thought why not continue them? This week is a quirky little post featuring Unique and Unity, H&M Home and OhhDeer. 

Lifestyle | Where I've Been And My Blog In 2017

Hello Lovelies! It's been pretty quiet around here lately, but I've had a nightmare-ish couple of weeks. Basically I've been ill with a cold for about the last month or so, and that lovely ol' cold turned into one of the worst ear infections of my life, that actually burst my ear and has made me temporarily half deaf. Adding to that I had three long essays to do, so these past two weeks have been a real struggle, but I did it yay. And before I sound like a big pity party, whilst it was a horrible couple of weeks it gave me a blogging break that has made me super super excited about blog content. I have a good feeling about 2017, bring it on.

Beauty | A Max Factor Haul

Hello Lovelies! Happy New Year! After accidentally leaving ALL my makeup at home when I went on holiday to Suffolk, I had the perfect excuse to go out and splurge on some new makeup. Luckily Boots had a really neat deal on where if you spent over £15.00 on Maxfactor you'd get this gift bag including their primer, mascara and lip gloss so I was able to get essentially a full face of makeup for a complete bargain. Aren't beauty deals the best?