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Hello Lovelies! I have seen so many people trying these Pokeball bath bombs that I just had to jump on the bandwagon. Pokemon was such a big part of my childhood, and I have played virtually every game since the originals so I've been obsessed the whole of my life. The Katch 'Em Bath Bomb (£3.95) is from a small business called Pretty Suds, that make their bath bombs by hand and put in little Pokemon figures from all the generations for you to discover inside. 

Scent wise this is a lovely strong fruity scent, that smells a lot like strawberry to me but don't take my word for it. What I really appreciate about this bath bomb is that it's not just a novelty and is actually really lovely. It makes your bath lovely and soft and dissolves effortlessly, with a strong scent throughout the bath. I actually bought two of these, so you can see what I got inside by watching my video below!

All in all I really loved this Pokeball bath bomb. I'm jealous I didn't come up with the idea myself actually as it's so fun and the perfect gift for a Pokemon nerd like me. Also as far as youtube goes I'm planning to upload every Sunday, so let me know if you have any ideas for videos I could do!


  1. Lush had a genius idea coming out with a Pokeball, I want it to badly! Loved your video as well - your accent is soo lovely, now i'll hear it whenever I read your posts. ^.^
    Holly x |

  2. This is such a cute idea! The bath water looks like a pool of melted strawberries and cream and I love that it actually comes with a Pokemon inside! ♥

  3. this is the cutest thing ever! Good that it actually is nice and usable :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. I've never seen this before but they look so cool! x

  5. The Pokemon bath bomb has to be one of the best ideas ever created in the world of bath products! The demo video is super helpful, the quality seems just as good as Lush products, and even though the scent is more basic, it still sounds lovely. I'm so tempted to get this for my boyfriend haha, he'd absolutely love it. :P I'd actually want to buy ten of them and start collecting all the Pokemons haha!

    Julia x
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  6. Ooo that sounds lovely! Plus you get a toy so its pretty much perfect xo


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