Friday, 25 November 2016

Food | Hipchips Crisp Restaurant


Hello Lovelies! Every now and then I do some pretty crazy things for my blog, and this time I went to a crisp restaurant. Yes, you read that right a crisp restaurant. Hipchips recently opened in Soho, as the new Hispter restaurant completely dedicated to crisps and obviously it's caused a bit of controversy because let's be real it's a pretty wacky idea... The way Hipchips works is you chose your box size ranging from small (two dips) £4.50 to the large (six dips) £11.50 and your dips from savoury and sweet options. I decided to get the small, and went all out and got the chocolate s'more and creme brulee dip. If you get the sweet option you apparently get crisps with cinnamon sugar but for some reason I ended up with the savoury version... 

The crisps themselves were honestly a little mediocre, and whilst they were nice some of them were just a bit greasy and tasteless. The chocolate s'more dip though was actually really yummy, whilst the creme brulee one was a bit bland. As you can tell I was pretty underwhelmed by Hipchips especially because they're on the pricier side and at the end of the day it is just a box of crisps. On the plus side I loved the packaging and the decor at Hipchips but I think if they want to survive they'll have to up their game a bit. If you compare it to Cereal Killer Cafe (the cereal cafe), it just doesn't have that same enthusiasm and flare and falls a bit flat. To be honest maybe a crisp restaurant is a little too specific and novelty, especially when you can so easily pick up decent crisps for a fraction of the price. But still I wish Hipchips the best of luck, and hope that as they evolve as a company they focus on improving their crisps! 

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  1. The packaging is cute but if they are just going to serve chips they better taste like the best damn chips you've ever tasted! lol ♥

  2. The packaging is so cool, but I'd rather buy some Walkers from the supermarket haha

    1. Haha omg me too! More worth it I think! x

  3. I can't get over how amazing this looks! I'm such a crisp kind of girl, this excites me beyond belief!

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