Friday, 15 April 2016

Fashion | Quirky Clutches

Hello Lovelies! As a proud owner of a unicorn clutch, you probably will expect nothing less from me than a quirky clutch feature. I'm actually pretty sure I've done this before on the blog - so there you go, Miss Predictable. As far as bags goes, I am a little obsessed. If it wasn't for the fact that you constantly have to move all your belongings from bag to bag I would probably have about 10,000 right now to be honest!

1. Fluffy Cloud Clutch Pink £29.40 [x] | 2. Vivienne Westwood Bunny Small Pouch £70.00 [x]* | 3. The Whitepepper Moon Clutch Silver [x] | 4. Blue Design Forum Clear Clutch Bag £18.00 [x] | 5. Yolky Ono Cross Body Bag £28.00 [x] | 6. Iridescent Shell Cross Body Bag £30.00 [x] | 7. Da Bomb Cross Body Bag £25.00 [x] | 8. Mermaid Martini Cross Body Bag £28.00 [x]

Thank you for reading lovelies! Have a great Friday!

*This is a sponsored post, but if I didn't love it I wouldn't blog about it!


  1. Kate spade has a few interesting designs as well!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. The shell bag is my fave =]

  3. Eek! I want no. 5 and no. 7! Both are so dang cute but with what's going on in the world today...some might get a touch sensitive with someone wearing a bomb bag. I don't mind it but some might find it not politically correct? What do you think?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Umm I think because the bomb is so cartoonish people won't find it offensive? I actually didn't think about that when I saw it, so I'm pretty sure most people won't think that either or be offended! x

  4. Forever in love with 8 but I don't think I'll ever actually use it! :/

    1. Haha my thoughts exactly, it just seems so impractical!

  5. Omg these are amazing I was trying to choose a favourite and I really couldn't I literally have love for so many of these!

    Meme xx

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