Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (18th April - 24th April)

Hello Lovelies! Today's picks have to be one of my favourite schemes so far, even though it is not my usual style at all. In fact red is one of my least favourite colours in a room, but here you see it in an absolute abundance. I'd try and come up with a name for this scheme, but it would probably end up as some absurd name like Llama Pom Pom, which let's be fair actually sounds ridiculously adorable (Ah random Vicky thoughts...). This week's picks are from Anthropologie, West Elm and Urban Outfitters. 

1. Dusky Pom Basket £48.00 [x] : Not going to lie, this basket may actually be one of my favourite things I've ever featured in this series. Just so bright and fun, and anything with pom poms is always a winner for me. Plus what a great way to store away magazines and books. 

2. Modern Brushstroke Crewel Cushion Cover Horseradish £34.00 [x] : If you love amazing textiles, then you will absolutely fall for this cushion cover. It's made by skilled Indian artisans who use special hand-guided embroidery technique to create this raised, texture pattern. 

3. Brass Armadillo £29.00 [x] : Armadillos have always been one of my all time favourite animals. They're just so cute and quirky, and this brass armadillo makes the most perfect little display piece.

4. Red Knitted Bean Bag Chair £50.00 [x] : I remember being a child, and bean bag chairs seemed like just about the coolest thing that had ever been invented, alongside the like of lava lamps and all that. So it's probably the child in me that's gravitated towards this rather grown up bean bag, but you have to admit it's kind of cool. 

5. Ceramic Llama Planters (Small £39.00/Large £129.00) [x] : The one thing I don't like about these llama planters is how ridiculously expensive they are. But admit it, plant pots have never been so cute!

6. Fallon Wooden Shelf £40.00 [x] : If you're looking for a unique bit of wall storage to put random bits and bobs that are lying around away - then this is perfect. Plus it looks great when there's nothing in it too.

Thank you for reading lovelies! Have a great week! I will be doing exams soon, but I'll have blog posts up hopefully every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! (I'll let you know if I decide to take a week or two off!). 


  1. How cuuuute is that little armadillo?! Absolutely love that wooden shelf too!

  2. I absolutely adore the llama planters! They are the cutest.
    samantha xx

  3. The wood shelf is beautiful and I love how unique the design is! I'm bookmarking the link so I can get back to it when we get our new place.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. I loooove the pom basket and wooden shelf haha! I would genuinely LOVE to have theme in my living room! They look so quirky :)
    Jemma xx

  5. ive always wanted a bag chair too lol
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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