Pawsome Box Review With Molly Nightingale

Hello Lovelies! It's no secret that the best Nightingale in my family isn't actually a human but an adorable little fluff ball called Molly. I introduced you to her all the way back in February, but if you follow me on insta (@vvnightingale) you are probably used to seeing me post pictures of her by now. Molly is a 9 year old Shetland Sheepdog, who frankly acts just like a puppy. If you meet her she will give you all the love and attention in the world, and even when I come back home, she's always so happy and excited to see me. As she's been getting older however she's had some health problems, including Kidney failure which just means that we have to pamper her even more and give her lots of love - so what better way to do that than a subscription box? The lovely people at Pawsome sent me their August box* to try out, and here's what I thought. 


Unfortunately Molly couldn't try these (she's on a restricted diet) but we gave them to one of her doggy friends Sky so she gets to enjoy them instead. I bet she would have loved them if she could have had them!


This is a product that I would never have thought to get for Molly, but that's why I find it so interesting. You can use this lotion to cleanse the area around your dog's eyes and to reduce brown spots (around the eyes). The best part is that it's very safe and non toxic at all!


When it comes to Molly, toys are pretty much the best things in the world, and especially new toys. She's been playing with these all week, and the Lion is definitely her favourite. I even caught her sleeping with the lion a few times awww.


This is super useful if you want to make sure your dog is safe as you can put your address inside this little tube, and add it to your dog's collar so if they get lost the person will know where to return your dog back to. We'll probably add this to Molly as although she's chipped, she only has her name and phone number on her tag.

If you're curious and want to try one of the Pawsome boxes I have a discount code for 25% off your first box! Simply enter this code to get your discount: blg29tna. Each month costs £19.90 plus £1 per delivery. As always thanks for reading lovelies - and happy Sunday!

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  1. Through your words on this blog, I really feel the love you have for her, your lovely puppy. I'm also a puppy lover but sadly my mom doesn't allow pets. So I'm really jealous of you when you have a best friend.
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