Friday, 27 February 2015

Meet Molly Nightingale + Pawsome Box Review

Hey Lovelies! I was very lucky to be sent a February Pawsome Box* this month, and when I got it, I could not wait to share it with my favourite fur ball, Molly! I really love the idea of getting a subscription box for your dog, as it's a really lovely and fun thing you can share with them. Even better the box is personalised for you and your dog, according to size, breed. At £19.90 per month, this box is a little pricey but you definitely get your money's worth. But before I tell you what's in this month's box, I'm going to tell you a little about the adorable Shetland Sheepdog I shared it with. 

Meet Molly Nightingale, adorable, energetic (8 years old but acts like a puppy) and honestly damn right annoying sometimes. She loves stealing your socks, and snuggling up to you on the sofa. Annoying things she does include: stealing your place on the sofa when you leave even for a minute!, not responding to commands unless a treat is involved and hiding under tables whenever the word 'bath' or 'vet' is even uttered. But I love her to pieces, and she is by far the most adorable Nightingale family member. 

The box comes with this adorable little information booklet, with fun facts, games you can play with your dog as well as information about all of the products in your box! This month's (as you can probably tell) has a cute Valentine's theme, which I really love. Here are all the products from this month's box: 

8in1 Dental Delights

Molly really loved these, she started sniffing them through the packet and went a little crazy - and kind of hated me for not giving her one straight away. What I love about these is that they are obviously pretty delicious, and that they have dental benefits too - your dog will love chewing away at these and it will also to help combat bad breath (which Molly totally has!). 

Vitakraft Pig

Molly really was not impressed by this one. I think the concept of this one is cute, but the noise it makes is kind of scary - as it's meant to be the sound of a pig. When Molly did try playing with this, she pressed down on it once and ran away! It's a shame because she really does love toys like this usually, but she just wasn't a fan of the noise at all.

Karlie Toy

I think it's super cute how themed this box is and pretty impressive they found dog toys that are heart themed. This toy has a built in bell in the centre - which Molly really loved. But honestly, she hasn't really taken to this toy yet and I don't think it excited her very much.

Karlie Chick'NSnack

Molly hasn't got her paws on this one yet (I can't spoil her too much) but I'm sure she's going to love it and go a little crazy when I give it to her. 

Animal Farm Mini Hearts Treats

Recently I've been obedience training Molly - to see if old dogs can learn new tricks and these have really come in handy! What's even cuter is that these treats are heart-shaped, which I think is such a lovely touch.


I haven't tried using this toothpaste on Molly yet - she's actually never used toothpaste (is that normal?) but I will definitely give it a go soon especially as Molly's breath is a little disgusting sometimes haha. 

Hope you liked this post lovelies - would you ever consider buying a subscription box for your pet? Let me know in the comment section below!



  1. Oh, Molly is adorable! I like the idea of a subscribtion box for your pet, I may have to find one for my cat ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

    1. They actually have a cat version I think called the Purrfect box? xx

  2. This is so sweet!! You're dog is absolutely adorable beyond belief!! :)


  3. Awww Molly is so cute!!

  4. she is soo cute!! Thats such a cool box

    check out my newest post

  5. Cool blog! I greet:)

  6. This is so cool! Molly looks so sweet! Abi :)

  7. This box is the best and I have to say that I love Molly! Shes the sweetest little thing ever! I'd love to see more of her on your blog :) x x

    1. She might make some surprise appearances haha!

  8. Molly is adorable! I might have to get one of these for my dog :)

    Rambling Makeup

    1. You should - think it's a great thing to get for their birthday month :)

  9. Molly is so cute!!!! so cute how she ran away from the pig


  10. Awwwh I love your dog so much she's so cute!!! It's actually nice to treat your pets with stuff like this. Is there one for Cats ?
    I always have to get my Cat a cat-stocking during Christmas. <3


    1. Yeah she's adorable, I think they have a cat version called the Purrfect box, so it's worth checking that out. And me too, we always get Molly a stocking at Christmas!

  11. Molly looks adorable omg she's so cute :) *wants to come to your house just to hug your dog*

    1. Haha, trust me she gets way too excited when she meets new people - she'd be trying to get you to hug her!


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