The Joy of a Good Cup of Coffee

Hello Lovelies!

If there is one thing that really sparks joy for me, then it's definitely a good cup of coffee. When answering where I'd be in five years, in my secondary school yearbook, I said that you'd find me somewhere in London with a Starbucks in my hand. Looking back this was probably the most uninspiring thing I could have said, but then again it's sadly very accurate! Oh all the things I thought I would have achieved by 22... 

I can remember my first cup of coffee because I remember thinking OH MY GOD CAFFEINE. I was pretty young, maybe just in my teens and I remember being a big old jittery mess. Nowadays I can drink about three cups of coffee and I don't notice the difference. Is this the point where I should admit to myself I need a caffeine intervention?! Maybe.

Addict or not, I've always appreciated a good cup of coffee and not just because of the rather satisfying #latteart. I just love the feeling of sitting down in the morning, with a freshly brewed cup of coffee in my hand, taking that first sip and knowing I can face the day. So when my old work colleague reached out about writing a blog post about her new coffee subscription in exchange for one of One Click Coffee's boxes*, I knew I'd love to try it. 

One Click Coffee's subscription box* is a £25.00 a month box, where every month you'll receive 2 bags of coffee (either ground or wholebean), their own newspaper (telling you all about the coffee), and something to keep or eat. I love the little touch of having a newspaper, and the coaster and coffee carry case that came with this month's box were super cute too. 

The idea of getting to try two new types of coffee a month is also pretty exciting. Let me tell you right now, I spend a lot of money on shop bought coffee a month, so having an at home alternative is very welcome. I also love brewing my own in this little cafetiere I have. When I was tiny my dad would always let me plunge the top down when it was ready, so they always make me feel a little nostalgic. 

Both of the bags of coffee I tried this month I really liked, but the 200° coffee was definitely my favourite. As I recall it had notes of raspberry and peanut, but I've already finished the coffee - I liked it that much! It's not exactly like I'm by any means a coffee connoisseur but I like to think to think I've drunk enough cups to know when I'm drinking a good one. 

All in all I really love the idea of One Click Coffee's subscription box. They also have sharing options on their website too which you could either get for your office or to share with your flat which is such a good idea! Price wise it's not even that expensive if you drink a lot of takeaway coffee like me. I mean to be honest I could spend £25.00 on takeaway coffee in a week if I was really being indulgent! 

That's it from me now. I hope you're all doing well. It seems rare that I write blog posts these days, but it's nice to know that someone somewhere is reading the words I write. So if that's you, and you've reached this far, thanks. 

Love Vicky x


  1. Loooool I probably would have said that in my year book too! This coffee subscription looks so cute!

  2. This is such a great idea! And I love the coaster. I spend a lot on my coffee too, and even when I have coffee at home or at work, it's an average of three mugs per day. I need intervention too haha. The 200 coffee sounds great (peanut!) and for coffeeholics (is that a thing? haha) this subscription is great because you discover new varieties every month! Thanks for sharing :)

    Julia x
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