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Hello Lovelies!

When you hit your 20's, it's a weird time. Suddenly you're expected to be a somewhat adult when really you're not at all. For this week's home edit I am taking inspiration from two of my best friends, who decided in 2018 we would be sassy woke women. We have a group chat now that's filled with memes, relatable stuff and the phrase 'STAY WOKE' repeated lots of times and it basically sums up my adult friendships. Life is tough, stressful but you bet to hell we're in it together. Sassy picks are from H&M Home, Paperchase, OhhDeer and Oliver Bonas. 

1. Zebra Print Cushion Cover £8.99 [x] : If there is anything I love in homeware, it's animal print. I practically live in leopard print and I love the sassiness of a good zebra print. H&M have a great zebra print collection, which is definitely worth checking out. 

2. Printed Porcelain Plate £3.99 [x] : How lovely is this plate? I am in love with the tropical detail and that lovely gold edge. 

3. Coffee is the answer Coffee Cup £12.50 [x] : One of my new resolutions this year is to try and use less disposable cups. I already have a keep cup but if I didn't I'd totally think about buying this one!

4. Looking after No. 1 Wall Art A3 £80.00 [x] : Isn't this just the cutest bit of art? I am in love!

5. Metal Trivet £8.99 [X] : There is nothing I love more at the moment than a bit of tropical glamour... This trivet is a great way to add some glamour to your table settings.

6. I've Got A Knife Oven Mitt £11.50 [x] : These oven mitts just make me smile (probably because I have a slightly dark sense of humour). I just think they're fab. 

Love Vicky x


  1. That 'I've got a knife' oven mitt made me giggle so much :'D xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  2. Haha being a sassy woman is my goal too! And succeeding at being an adult, but that might take more than one calendar year to get there haha. I love the oven mitts, it's totally my type of humour too and I like the vintage design!

    Julia x
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