Home | The Monday Home Edit (5th June - 11th June)

Hello Lovelies! Today was my last exam so I'm free, and you know it's kind of a scary thought but exciting at the same time. I feel like Rachel in Friends, welcome to the real world. This week I went for a super flamboyant theme, with lots of elegant and out there touches. Picks are from Zara Home and Chase and Wonder. 

1.Bronze Dog Decorative Figure £19.99 [x] : As a dog lover I am enamoured with this adorable dog figure. How cute!

2. Leaf Print Linen Cushion Cover £19.99 [x] : I love this rainbow leaf print cushion cover - such lovely details!

3. Long Mirror with Gold Details £59.99 [x] : Ok so this is basically my dream mirror. I just love how beautiful and ornate it is. 

4. Octopus Fine China Mug £15.00 [x] : A good mug is always a good thing in my books and I'm in love with this quirky octopus one!

5. Magic Unicorn Print £25.00 [x] : How fab is this zebra-unicorn print? Isn't it just awesome? Perfect if you want something a bit different. 

6. Black Flower Candle £9.99 [x] : Zara Home have some really spectacular candles. And obviously I've gravitated towards this fabulous flower one. 

Thank you for reading lovelies! Have a great week!