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Hello Lovelies! This week I decided to go for a super fun Summer theme, with lots of pastels and bright colours. Picks are from OhhDeer, Urban Outfitters and Paperchase!

1. Watermelon Tray £15.50 [x] : One thing that will always excite me is Summer drinks and party food, and this tray is perfect for a big Summer party.

2. Large Toucan Light £52.95 [x] : Neon lights are a massive trend right now, as well as tropical birds so what could be more on trend than this toucan light. It's just so cool, I need it in my life!

3. Shell Vase £12.60 (in sale) [x] : This shell vase definitely falls into the category of a vase that probably won't hold flowers very well, but it is so pretty.

4. Glamingo flamingo ring holder £10.00 [x] : I already have too many ring holders and trinket trays but if I didn't I'd be all over this lovely Flamingo creation from Paperchase.

5. Pink Ice Cream Tumbler £10.95 [x] : This tumbler is novelty and then some but wouldn't it be perfect for sipping on a drink by the pool? (or in my case in the park). 

6. Moroccan Tile A5ish Quarterbound Notebook £9.95 [x] : The colours on this notebook are just so P-R-E-T-T-Y. Love, love, love.

Thanks for reading lovelies! I have an exam tomorrow so wish me luck!


  1. The flamingo ring holder is sooo cute and omg good luck! :D


  2. These are all so cute, especially the the tumbler

    Beauty Candy Loves

  3. That notebook is indeed really pretty and isn't it sad that as soon as I saw it, my first thought was 'it'll make a very pretty prop'. LOL!

  4. These are gorgeous picks :D I love them all haha! I've been eyeing up the matching watermelon tote bag funnily enough :D That flamingo ring holder is fab too! Good luck with your exam, hope it goes well! :D


  5. I especially love the notebook :)


  6. I love the shell vase and ice cream tumbler!! Xx

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin


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