Lifestyle | 13 Things That Are All Too Real If You're An Instagram Addict

Hello Lovelies! The way I use Instagram has drastically changed. Before I had always put myself in a box as someone who just wasn't good at Instagram, mostly because I have never been good at flatlays. They are really not my thing. But now I am a self confessed Instagram addict, so here's a list of things that are all too real when you are one...

1. The tense moment when the person you're with tries to eat their food before you've taken 100 photos. Bless those friends that wait till you get all your photos.

2. Staring at your Instagram feed for way too long, and realising that your feed is the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of social media.

3. Doing it for the Insta makes you really start to question your life decisions, especially when you walk for half an hour just to find that pretty pastel house or buy a dessert you don't even like.

4. Slyly deleting photos when you realise they don't quite fit in your feed, and secretly hoping no one notices...

5. Waking up, looking at your Instagram and realising you've gained ten followers but have less then you did last night. Alright then, totally not internally crying, nope.

6. Seeing a photo someone has taken in the same place you were and it being 10x better. That's painful.

7. Blaming the algorithm for everything as if it's the Voldemort of the social media world. Well to be honest it kind of is... 

8. You get irked out if something is the wrong shade of white. Or is that just me?

9. Those ugly bubbles that form when you've taken too long to get a picture of latte art. Coffee addicts will know what I mean.

10. Taking photos in advance for your feed, because organised, but also wanting to share them all at once.

11. Freaking out because you can't find anything pretty to Instagram, and wondering whether you can really go on anymore. Then finding something ten minutes later.

12. Adjusting the temperature on your photos is bae. Bye bye icky yellow hue.

13. Doing an Instagram story, losing a follower and suddenly thinking everyone hates you. 

Thanks for reading lovelies! Do you experience any of these things too? Or am I just a next level Instagram addict?


  1. YES YES AND YES!! :'D

  2. Omg, this made me laugh, I am guilty of just about all of them!!! Fab post!

    Sharon x

  3. Hahaha omg I love this! Made me laugh so much. I'm definitely relating to 4 and 10 especially :'D



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