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Hello Lovelies! The weather is sunny, the flowers are out and I'm totally embracing that Spring mood. It just feels crazy that I can get away with going out without a coat now and it's actually light at 5, like wow. This week's picks reflect my spring mood, with bright happy colours and fun details.

1. Freya Embroidered Cushion £25.00 [x] : I am absolutely in love with this embroidered cushion because it's so quirky. I mean just look at the snail detail in the centre. 

2. Daisy Teapot £19.50 [x] : Definitely a spring cliche but I'm in love with this happy lil daisy teapot. It just makes me smile looking at it. 

3. Daisy Cake Stand £19.50 [x] : Again another daisy piece but can you blame me? This cake stand would be so perfect for a bit of spring baking.

4. Lionel Doorstop £24.95 [x] : If you put a dog on anything, it's pretty much guaranteed that I'll love it. So this doorstop is no exception. 

5. Dorrit Double Oven Gloves £14.95 [x] : Sausage dogs are just adorable, so I love these fun oven gloves. They have a dog head on the other side too. 

6. Set of 2 A5 Books £10.00 [x] : I will always want more notebooks, and just look at how pretty these ones are? So surprised they're from M&S. 

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have a great week!

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  1. I love that pillow! The snail is cracking me up. I guess it's okay that it's light in the evening, but I personally would rather have it be light when I wake up in the morning!


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