Lush | Lovestruck Bubble Bar


Hello Lovelies! A bubble bar shaped like an emoji? Yes this is really a thing, and isn't it just adorable? Kudos to Lush for coming up with the perfect Valentine's design. Lovestruck (£4.25) is a bubble bar that has got me feeling a lot of mixed feels. Yes it's super cute, but the scent guys... hmm... It's a mix of Sicilian Lemon Oil, Geranium Oil and Petitgrain Oil and honestly it combines to smell (to me anyway) like a kind of horrible plastic or paint smell. I honestly don't know what Lush were thinking with this because I am yet to find someone who actually likes the scent. So definitely go and smell one of these before you buy one!

But anyway scent aside, let's talk about how it performed in the water. Now actually this turned out to be a pretty good bubble bar. It created a flurry of gorgeous silky bubbles, and created such a lovely vibrant yellow which I really loved. Lovestruck is also super moisturising for the skin which is great. This is a pretty small bubble bar for the price, but you can easily get 2 or 3 decent baths out of it if you decide to cut it up. 


So would I buy Lovestruck again? Just for the scent I wouldn't to be honest, but if you smell it and love the scent then you're on to a winner because it's great in the bath. I just can't get over the scent even if it is an adorable little bubble bar.