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Hello Lovelies! This is my penultimate Lush Christmas review and wow, know everyone is saying it but how is it nearly Christmas? Christmas is so hyped up these days that I feel like the excitement goes before it's even happened to be quite honest, but hey maybe if I down a gingerbread latte and put on my Christmas playlist it will hit me? But enough of that, today's review is a revamp of a classic, the So White Bath Bomb (£3.75).

This year's So White fully embraces its inspiration with its apple design - a lovely little nod to Snow White, and even better it smells just like apples too. When you drop this into your bath, it immediately starts to spurt out frothy clouds of white, creating a lovely snowy look in your bath. Unlike the last So White, this creates a green bath rather than a red one as yellow and blue are hidden inside that spurt out beautifully. 


All in all I definitely enjoyed this year's So White more than last year's. It has this lovely frosty quality about it, whilst still providing wonderful bursts of colour. Plus feeling like Snow White using it was definitely a bonus. Forever wanting to be a disney princess... 

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have a great Christmas!


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  1. I've never tried So White, but the colours in the bath are lovely! I love apple scents, it must be so relaxing and calming to use this in the evening :)

    Julia x
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