Lush | Snowie Bubble Bar


Hello Lovelies! 2016 has been one of the saddest and strangest years of my life. It was the year we said goodbye to the complete legend that is David Bowie, and it's so nice to see Lush paying a tribute to him with this cool snowman bubble bar. Besides the cool design, Snowie also has a wonderful calming scent made up of grapefruit oil, rose oil and neroli oil. 

I recommend crumbling half of this little one into each bath, because you can easily get two lovely bubble baths from him. Depending on which part you use of him you'll get a different colour. I used a bit of each part: white, red and blue and the bath turned out this light orangey colour which surprised me as I just expected it to be white and cloudy. This bubble bar also produces the loveliest soft bubbles, which really makes for a calming bath.

All in all, I love this Bowie tribute bubble bar and it's lovely to see it as part of the Christmas collection this year. If you love relaxing baths, this one is perfect for you!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have a great weekend!