Lush | Satsuma Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! As I write this super last minute final Lush review, I'm sat in front of the tv watching the first Harry Potter for the billionth time. I don't know why Harry Potter is such a Christmas thing, but I'm definitely not complaining. Before I start this review, I should say I really don't like satsumas. They are my least favourite food thing in the world, and if you eat one in front of me I'll probably want to kill you #sorrynotsorry. 

But anyway moving on... If you haven't seen or heard of this bath bomb, it's because it's actually a Lush Oxford Street exclusive. Honestly I only really picked it up for the sake of buying one, as I feel like it's not exactly the most exciting festive design. Luckily this doesn't smell too much of satsuma at all - it has more of a generic orange scent which is actually pretty pleasant even to a satsuma hating girl like me. When you drop it into the bath it erupts into a wonderful orange colour and quickly dissolves leaving your bath a rather pretty orange with tinges of yellow.

The bath it gives you however is honestly a little underwhelming. The scent disappeared really quickly, and so you're just left with a simple orange bath. That partnered with the fact that the bath bomb isn't the most exciting ever, just left me feeling pretty underwhelmed really and this is probably my least favourite of all the collection this year!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Now I'm going to get off social media, and just enjoy Christmas (and watch all the Christmas films). If you're celebrating, I hope you have the best Christmas!

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  1. thats too bad! the colour is SO pretty! hope you had a good xmas lovely!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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