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Hello Lovelies! If you didn't know, 2016 was the year I challenged myself to try out more coffee places (#vickytriescoffee), the quirkier the better. And so while it was a pretty rubbish year for me, at least I had a lot of cool beverages in my hand for most of it. So here's my guide to the coolest and quirkiest places to go for coffee in London. Bring on that hipster aesthetic. 

The Cutest Biscuits In London

At Biscuiteers the main attraction is definitely not the coffee. With several brightly coloured and beautifully designed biscuits on offer, as well as macaroons and a selection of yummy cake you'll probably forget they even serve hot drinks. But I'd definitely recommend one of their lattes alongside a cute biscuit, and if you have a super sweet tooth get the hot chocolate with marshmallows (it's amazing!). Also I have to say the service is amazing here - the staff are just so lovely!

The Pink Latte

You heard me right, yup, that is a pink latte *heart eye emoji*. In September I met up with my pal Fran and ventured to Hackney in search of rainbow coloured coffees, and ended up in Hipster Heaven, Palm Vaults. They do rainbow lattes including this beautiful pink velvet latte, which is meant to taste like red velvet but honestly just tastes like nutty beetroot. That said it's a lovely little place, especially if you like drinks that are natural and not so sugary. Plus the interior is gorgeous too, with lots of plants and of course pink!

The 'Do It' For The Insta Cafe

Farm Girl is a beautiful little cafe tucked away in Notting Hill, boasting some of the prettiest latte art in London with their beautiful rose latte and signature French Bulldog latte art. But I'll be honest with  you guys, if you're not going for the insta photos then it's probably not worth it. Farmgirl may have pretty coffees but the service is so slow... Both times I've been I've waited nearly half an hour just for a coffee... So hopefully in 2017 they step up their game!

Matcha Heaven

You'll probably only get the excitement I felt discovering this cafe if you're a big matcha fan (I'm obsessed). The Monocle Cafe is a posh cafe created by The Monocle magazine with a menu inspired by global cuisine, but predominately Japanese. They have the most gorgeous Matcha hot chocolate, if not expensive at £5.00 so if you're a matcha super fan it's worth going just for that. 

The One With The Pretty Cakes

Peggy Porschen is a pink dream, with its ridiculously pretty pink interior and exterior. It's situated in Chelsea (because where else could it be?) and has a lovely selection of yummy cakes, and cupcakes. And if you're in search of pretty coffee, get one of their cappuccinos - they use different stencils on them throughout the year! They also have a lovely selection of special teas too!

The Cutest Cake Shop

I finally visited Cutter and Squidge with my blogging bestie Rachel this year, and it's a lovely little quirky and kitsch cafe in Soho. They offer a whole range of ridiculously pretty cakes, and their own signature 'biskies' which I definitely need to go back to try. Go for a coffee and cake, or if you're feeling super indulgent get their afternoon tea! 

The Edgy One With Just Really Good Coffee

If flashy coffee isn't really your thing, then go to one of the Grind cafes. They have them all around London including in Shoreditch, Covent Garden, Soho and more... Basically it's just really good coffee, in one of the coolest looking cafes. Like seriously you don't get cooler than the Grind. 

The Coffee Shop In An Old Toilet (Literally)

You can't explain The Attendant without raising at least a few eyebrows, but I promise you it's not as weird as it sounds. I visited this old converted public toilet with my blogging friend Aftab, and really loved it. The Attendant cafes are tiny, but I love the story behind them. Plus they have super yummy coffee and cake too.

The Hipster Hangout

Timberyard is a personal favourite of mine. It's a perfect place to go with a laptop, because they have like a hundred sockets there (yes!) and just the nicest chilled out atmosphere. The coffee is also stunning, with on point latte art every time and the service is lovely too. Oh and try one of the crodoughs, they are super yummy!

The One With The Mini Gingerbread Houses

Ok so technically the gingerbread hot chocolate with a mini gingerbread house is only a Christmas thing, but I thought Hej coffee deserved a mention just for that because it really made me smile. They also do amazing coffee, and have a lovely contemporary interior so worth a visit if you're ever around Bermondsey Square. 

And so there it is, essentially a highlight reel of my year done completely in coffee. Is it wrong that I'm a little bit proud? Anyways I hope you've found some new coffee places - and let me know if you have any recommendations of your own!


  1. Omg the coffees looks so good! I've been to Palm Vaults and had the pink velvet latte and loved it! x

  2. I SOOO need to go to Peggy Porshen soon! *cries*

  3. This post is great, it gaves me so many ideas for the next time I'm in London! I really want to get Biscuiteers biscuits, they are the cutest thing ever - but I would probably end up keeping them forever instead of eating them because of that level of cuteness haha!

    Julia x
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  4. This post is perfect! I'm not that fussed about coffee, but when they're this Instagrammable, it's a different matter! x

    Martha Jane |

  5. Omg I'm totally saving this blog post for when I'm in need of a cute / quirky coffee! That pink latte looks AMAZING.
    - Emily from ♡


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