Fashion | The Cutest Phone Case From Case Company

Hello Lovelies! It seems Blogmas is somewhat working for me even if I'm doing everything last minute. But hey if it's technically just still on the day that totally counts right? Today is just a quick little post talking about this adorable floral case from Case Company*. Basically Case Company offer both pre-designed cases and custom designs, and luckily they offered to send me one.

Because I wasn't in the most creative mood, I decided to go for one of their pre-designs. They have lots of cute ones but of course I went for a floral one (because what else!). And honestly I love it. It even came in this cute little bag thing which is an added bonus. Price wise it's a bit more on the expensive side at £14.95 (for this case), but seeing as you can customise it as you wish it's actually pretty good value when you compare it to similar sites.

So all in all I'd definitely recommend Case Company if you're looking for a customisable phone case or even a cute pre made design! Thanks for reading lovelies!



  1. That's such a pretty phone case, good choice!

  2. totally goes with your blog theme and your beloved flower crowns! very cute!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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