Lifestyle | 23 Things That Are All Too Real If You're A Pokemon Trainer

Hello Lovelies! Unless you've been living under a Geodude, then you'll be playing or at least have heard of Pokemon Go. As a girl who grew up playing almost every single Pokemon game, it's a little surreal for me to be able to go about my day to day life and actually catch Pokemon as if it's second nature. And to say I'm obsessed would be kind of an understatement, so here's some things that are all too real if you're a Pokemon trainer...

1. Searching for Pokemon is now your workout, excuse to leave the house and plans for the weekend. It's basically life now really but you aren't complaining.

2. You're starting to notice things in your neighbourhood you didn't before, but also getting lost in random places in the desperate search for Pokemon.

3. Going on about a billion walks a day, because Gotta Catch Em' All with your dog thinking you've suddenly bonded. Better not tell them about Pokemon Go.

4. In the early days you were all over Pidgeys and Rattatas, but now you feel irrationally angry whenever you see one. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY?!

5. Whilst you aren't playing Pokemon Go, you're probably reading some long emotional post about why it's the best thing to happen to humanity and judging anyone who doesn't agree. 

6. The days of having lots of data and battery are gone so you are genuinely considering buying a portable charger and more data to keep your trainer lifestyle going. If only you could go back in time and change your phone contract...

7. Finding a Magikarp in the middle of a street and yet not near a pond? LOGIC.

8. Looking at other people's phones to see if they're also playing Pokemon Go, realising they're not and shuffling away awkwardly. 

9. Staring at your phone so often that your likelihood of dying has gone up by like 90%, be safe kids a Pikachu* ain't worth dying for.

*Still haven't caught one, *sobs*

10. Waking up, opening Pokemon Go and hoping there's loads of Pokemon outside so you don't have to get up but there never is. But I guarantee as soon as you're in your PJs about to go to bed, a really rare one will pop up.

11. Describing Pokemon Go to someone else who doesn't get it is just confusing. My dad thought Pokemon were real creatures at one point, oh dear.

12. That warm feeling you get when you see a bit of Poke-banter out and about, even if it is just brands sucking up to you. 

13. Planning trips out around where you might be able to catch Pokemon, or even worse planning trips just to catch Pokemon. 

14. Catching a Pokemon you've wanted for ages and feeling like you've won the lottery.

15. Being unimpressed by real life animals because they aren't Pokemon, but also doing that cliche 'Why can't I catch this Pokemon?' snapchat shot whilst pointing the camera at your pet. Don't lie, you've thought about doing it. 

16. Reading about people like this guy who've given up their jobs to be Pokemon trainers and being a tad bit jealous. But then you remember you want to catch em' all but not that badly, well for now at least...

17. At first you feel guilty about transferring Pokemon to the Professor, but now it's second nature and you're heartless as heck. Buh-bye Pidgey No. 1,000,000. 

18. You're not team Valor? Oh sorry we can't be friends...

19. All the glitches. I got one when I was about to catch a Squirtle and I've honestly never really recovered. 

20. Attempting a Pokemon Gym only to get brutally beaten, and wondering if you can ever really put your Pokemon through that again. 

21. Bonding with random strangers over Pokemon Go, but also avoiding bonding with random strangers over Pokemon Go. I'm definitely an anti-social Londoner... 

22. That crushing moment when you've walked for ages, your egg hatches and it's a Rattata. There are no words. 

23. WHEN THE SERVERS GO DOWN and suddenly your life has no purpose. Seriously what did I do with my life before Pokemon Go? Who even knows anymore? 

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have you been playing Pokemon Go?


  1. I love Pokemon Go!! I am still waiting to hatch my egg as its the 10k one and really hoping its going to be good, will e devastated if its a Pidgey or Rattata!

    Vikki |

  2. Haha this is so true! Although I only tried it for one day and sadly got bored I was obsessed with Pokémon as a kid wouldn't mind watching it all again.

    Beauty Candy Loves

  3. I've barely been able to play cause I've been so busy! Plus my 5C just can't hack it without crashing every three seconds ugh! But I'm Team Valor too, so I feel we can bond over that at least! x

    Martha Jane |

  4. Love this!
    I had a 5k egg hatch into a Pidgey yesterday and I was soo gutted
    ♥ Fran - xx

  5. Number four is actually too real omg

  6. haha very funny! i have not downloaded this :p im staying strong
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  7. OMG, Vicky, this is what I missed about you. Oh the humour is ace in this post, I laughed so hard! My husband and I played for a bit and it ended up in tears...well, not really but in an argument. He was searching for Pokemon while driving looking for parking. I was furious because regardless he was driving at 20kmph, he's still distracted while operating a vehicle with me and little tyke in it. He ended up deleting the game and I haven't logged in since few days now.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. Haha all so true! Pokemon is all I talk about with my workmates now. I go running with my Mum and she's become so annoyed with me playing it while we're out, but it's the best time to hatch eggs and catch new ones! Really agree with number four. So. Many. Pidgeys. Great post!
    Steph x.


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