Lifestyle | 20 Blog Posts I Loved In July

Hello Lovelies! To be honest with you guys writing these monthly round up posts has become one of the things that I most look forward to every month. There's actually just something really nice about spreading the blogging love - especially as a lot of us doubt our abilities all the time. But the truth is over the two years I've blogged, I've read so many inspiring, funny, honest and creative posts that it just makes you realise the power of blogging. Wow that sounded dramatic, anyway here's 20 blog posts I loved in July - enjoy.

1. A new blog I discovered this month and have fallen for is Curly and Wordy run by the lovely Bethany. She did a post called A Tour Of My Body and it's just such a great body positive post.

2. The queen of tulle Jordan is at it again and I kind of want to raid her closet and be an everyday princess just like her.

3. I loved Joe's hilarious post called ten reasons you shouldn't play Pokemon Go (mostly because I am absolutely obsessed with Pokemon Go).

4. If you're off to university for the first time (or again) then check out Nine Grand Student's blog on what she took to university, and what she actually needed. 

5. Me and Megan have such a similar sense of style so I obviously I absolutely loved this vintage style dress she wore, so pretty.

7. I loved Kirsty's When You Just Feel Rubbish because we all feel like that sometimes. Plus Kirsty just has this art of talking about anything and making it interesting. Don't believe me? Well then just look around her blog and you'll see what I mean. 

8. Becky's post on her friend Leona's wedding is just stunning, with so many beautiful photos. Call me a romantic but I just really love weddings. 

9. Shireen's post on natural female hygiene products is a really important one, so make sure you go check that out. It's crazy the amount of chemicals that are used in normal products. 

10. If you're a fangirl you will definitely appreciate Dee's post on fangirl problems. Dee, I know the struggle! 

11. Hannah's blog is my current obsession, so it was pretty hard to pick out just one post of hers to feature today but I loved her post on why it's amazing to be a woman in her 20's in this day and age. 

12. Jasmin is a bit of a blogging inspiration for me (like seriously she blogs so well it's kind of annoying) so I loved her little round up post of her most popular posts, analysing why they were successful. Perfect if you're trying to get a bit of your blogging mojo back.  

13. Fii is actually killing it in her latest outfit post, she looks amazing. I may have to steal her sunglasses. 

14. Self criticism is something I've been thinking about a lot lately, so I loved Beth's post on it. Like seriously why are we so critical of ourselves? 

15. Pam's post on tackling dark circles is so helpful, definitely some tips here that I've never even thought of before!

16. Jemma's post on why we should support the Bloggers Blog Awards is just brilliant, because Hayley just does such an amazing job of organising it all. People really do not give her enough credit.

17. Dagmara is someone who just knows and does her makeup so well I'm in awe, so I loved her post on her brushes. A must if you're looking to invest in some new ones. 

18. Another outfit post - I've featured so many this month but I'm absolutely in love with Cherie's white dress and headband. Total style crush. 

19. I feel like everyone has had their eye on these Monki cat jeans, and Sam who is a total crazy cat lady rocks them perfectly.  I think I NEED a pair in my life. 

20. Finally I'm in love with Rhi's summer wedding outfit, she looks gorge in royal blue and a yellow clutch to match. 

Thanks for reading lovelies! I hope you have a super chill Sunday and go on an absolute blog post reading binge.


  1. What a lovely post idea, Vicky! I have opened many tabs thanks to your recommendations & will check out your fave reads for July in the blogging world :)
    Had a quick look at Curly & Wordy and loved it! Thanks for sharing, hon.
    xox Nadia

  2. some really awesome posts in here and I'm glad I've read most of them! Thanks for including me lovely :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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