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Hello Lovelies! With an abundance of free apps at our finger tips, it seems pretty foolish to splash out on one but with today's post I'll be sharing with you five games that are totally worth spending your money on! It's not something that has really ever featured on my blog but I'm actually a big fan of games, and have been obsessed with Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Sims and really just anything Nintendo for as long as I remember. So I've had a whole lot of fun trying out all these games, and honestly it just surprises me nowadays how amazing some of the games you can get on your phone are! Sound like an old lady, but technology these days is crazy kids! Wasn't like this in the 90's at all.

Enter the stunning world of Lumino City (£3.99), and follow Lumi on her journey to find her grandpa whilst exploring the city and solving problems along the way. The graphics in this game are stunning, with believe it or not everything you see being made of paper, cardboard and glue! The puzzles in this one are definitely tricky, but with charming solutions they really win your heart over. Lumino City even won a Bafta for Artistic Achievement, that's how stunning it is. 

If you haven't heard about Monument Valley (£2.99) - then seriously have you been living under a rock? The game revolves around guiding this little princess through different levels by solving optical illusions and defeating tricks of the eye, whilst avoiding her crow enemies. The only real criticism I can say about Monument Valley is that it's a tad on the short side, but seriously this game is beautiful. Regardless of that fact, I think it's totally worth the money.

If you don't mind something a bit darker, and by dark I mean really dark (spiders, death and a whole lot of morbid) then you'll probably love Limbo (£3.99). The artwork in this game might appear simple, but it's actually so effective in creating a spooky and dark mood that you get completely lost in. Unlike the other games here, the puzzles are simple, realistic and physics based but also surprisingly difficult. By far the best thing about this game is the feeling you get when you solve the puzzles, so worth it.


Dream Machine (£0.99) is probably best described as a budget version of Monument Valley, featuring an adorable little robot. The game works very similarly to Monument Valley but has it's own charm. It might not have the best level of graphics compared to the others on this list, but it's challenging and fun and a nice cheaper option too with lots of levels. I've really enjoyed playing this, and still have levels to go.


I actually played The Room Two (£1.49) over a year ago, but I remember being completely hooked by it and not being able to put it down. As the name might suggest, the game involves escaping from various rooms by solving little puzzles within the room. It's a truly ingenious game, and you'll find yourself thinking 'wow that was clever' the whole way through. The most surprising thing about this game is that you can play it on a phone because it feels so much like a proper computer game. 

Thank you for reading lovelies - have a great weekend and by all means send some app recommendations my way!

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  1. I'm the #1 fan of Monument Valley, it's just SO BEAUTIFUL and I love it so much! I even bought the 'expansion pack' and I finished the entire game in about 5 days?? I also tried out Lumino City but didn't really stick w me, really like how everything was handmade and filmed with stop motion though, I thought that was super creative... I tried Limbo as well it was totally creepy for me hahaha! I need to check out Dream Machine as a dupe for Monument Valley ;-)

    Cherie | sinonym


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